Website Rules

1. Any person of legal age can use the service. To create or order a kwork, you must register with an email address or a social network account (Facebook).

2. Only one account is allowed per person. The service's management reserves the right to delete duplicate accounts.

3. Upon registration, users select a login ID, which immediately becomes visible to all website users. Login IDs can include Latin characters, digits, and the hyphen and underscore symbols. Login IDs cannot include certain reserved words, swear words, translations, or language deemed offensive to individuals or groups. The service's management reserves the right to change login IDs that violate this rule.

4. All users are responsible for the information they post (texts, illustrations, videos, etc.). Upon registering on the Kwork website, users confirm that they understand their responsibility and guarantee to reimburse any expenses incurred by the service if copyright holders' make claims against

5. Profanity, rudeness, unauthorized advertising, as well as posting information and materials that negatively affect the Kwork website's image are prohibited. Materials that contain threats and insults, violate citizens' right to privacy, are obscene in nature, disparage or demean, infringe the rights and lawful interests of others, promote or incite religious, racial or ethnic hatred, or attempt to incite hatred or violence, as well as any materials that violate any laws (including copyright) are also prohibited. Discussing Kwork payment conditions is prohibited. The user is responsible for any such violation. The service's management reserves the right to remove any content that violates any of its policies or any law, as well as to ban or delete the user.

6. The administration reserves the right to remove any material (projects, kworks, reviews, comments), as well as freeze or delete the user without giving any reason. If you suspect unauthorized access, email spam or other suspicious activity on your account, the site administration has the right to freeze the account and funds withdrawal until everything has been restored.

7. Disputed transactions/issues, including financial matters, are resolved by sending emails or submitting a request to the Kwork website's Support Team. The Support Team will interpret and apply these rules. If no rule exists to settle the question at hand, then the Support Team consults with Kwork management to make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

8. Kwork users agree not to disclose the information they obtain when logged into a Kwork account. This information includes but is not limited to the specifications and terms of kwork orders, personal correspondence with other users and Kwork management, etc. This rule has only a few exceptions: users may publish information about their Kwork earnings, their kworks, and other data/information regarding their accounts if that information/data is not related to/does not allude to other users (e.g., information about other users' orders, personal messages, etc.).

9. Active sellers on the website who receive income by offering services and fulfilling orders on must manage their own relations with government authorities, i.e. they are responsible for obtaining a patent (if needed), paying mandatory taxes/fees promptly, etc.

10. Kwork website users do not have the right to use unethical or disreputable advertising methods to promote referral links, copy the Kwork website in whole or in part, or use the design or brand of the Kwork website to mislead others. For more information, see Referral program rules.

11. Kwork's use of personal data: Upon registering on the Kwork website, users agree to having their personal data stored and processed, and to receive information, including email newsletters, from Kwork. Kwork can collect, store and process user data (cookies, data, identifiers) as needed to operate the website, effectively implement the referral program, and for promotional purposes. The Kwork website uses Google Analytics to collect data on visitors. All user data is stored on secure servers; it is not provided to third parties, except when needed to support the operation of the Kwork website, for marketing purposes, and when required by law. Users can disable cookies in their browser settings at any time. Note that disabling cookies may cause some Kwork services to become unavailable.

12. Users may not sell, buy, gift, or share their Kwork accounts. policy rules

1. is an online platform for placing advertisements for freelance services and coordinating execution and delivery of those services.

2. One unit of service is called a kwork. Sellers can specify the volume and scope of service(s) they are willing to perform for the fixed unit price of $10. This is the price of a kwork.

2.1. A kwork is a virtual service or set of services performed online. All kworks are divided into categories and subcategories. Users can search them conveniently on the Kwork website.

2.2. A seller creates a kwork with his/her account. To create a kwork, you must complete the form on the kwork creation page.

2.3. All kworks are published on the website for free.

2.4. All submitted kworks must be approved by a moderator before they are included in the list of available kworks. The moderator reserves the right to modify or delete kworks if they violate Kwork website rules.

Moderation rules

2.5. After logging in to the website, a seller can temporarily suspend (hide) any of his/her kwork(s) if the service is no longer relevant and/or temporarily cannot be performed.

2.6. Sellers can also add extra options to any of their kwork(s), indicating the additional price of each option.

3. Every Kwork website user can be a seller and a buyer simultaneously.

3.1. A seller is a Kwork website user that offers services (kworks) at a fixed price of $10. Sellers create kworks themselves and post them on the Kwork website, where these offers become publicly accessible to all. Any buyer who needs the services offered in any kwork can then place an order for that kwork. The seller then receives and fulfills the kwork order.

3.2. A buyer is a Kwork website user who orders kwork(s). Buyers select the service(s) they require from those available on the Kwork website. They pay for the services and send the materials/information required by the seller to fulfill their order. Buyers also agree to the order's terms and conditions, including the lead time. They then receive their fulfilled order from the seller within the agreed lead time.

4. All seller-buyer interactions (order, payment, negotiation of terms, acceptance of the performed service, etc.) happen through the Kwork website.

4.1. To place an order, a buyer selects a suitable kwork, chooses any extra options (if available and required), and then clicks "Order".

4.2. Fulfilled orders are paid for using the buyer's basic and bonus account balances. Account balances are credited using credit/debit cards. The Kwork website takes a commission from this payment. Information about the commission is available on the Payment page.

4.3. Payments made by the buyer when placing an order are not transferred to the seller until the order is accepted.

4.4. When the order is accepted, the seller receives a payment in the amount of the order price minus a 20% commission.

4.5. Funds are withdrawn from the account balance at the seller's request. Funds may be withdrawn to Visa and Mastercard cards. The account balance page contains information about the fee and the terms and limitations of withdrawals. Withdrawals are usually executed on Mondays and Thursdays. Withdrawals may be delayed on holidays and weekends. Funds transferred to your account balance from a credit/debit card can be withdrawn one month after they are added to your account balance.

4.6. Both sellers and buyers have the right to cancel any order by providing their reason(s) for cancellation. Once the cancellation is confirmed, the payment will be refunded to the buyer. If an order is canceled due to a delay by the seller, then the funds will be returned to the buyer immediately without confirmation from the seller.

4.7. The seller renders services to the buyer independently and bears full responsibility for the performance and/or non-performance of work under the ordered kwork.

4.8. If the order is not fulfilled or does not comply with the description of the service specified in the kwork, the buyer has the right to return the delivered order for revision to allow the seller to modify the work and re-submit it for the buyer's approval.

4.9. Any disputes and disagreements between the seller and the buyer are resolved through negotiations or with the assistance of a Support Team specialist. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the buyer or the seller has the right to submit the dispute for arbitration.

4.10. To protect the privacy of our Kwork customers, all data is stored anonymously. Request and provision of contact information (including name, surname, email address, mobile number, social media profile, etc.), as well as communication outside Kwork is not allowed. Violation of these rules may lead to a lower kwork ranking, as well as connections revocation for up to 1 year.

4.10.1 There will be an exception for the exchange of contact information if it is necessary to complete the order. For instance: email address from AdSense to set up advertising campaigns; links to social media accounts with the aim of promoting it; Skype ID for consultancy services; etc. The seller must indicate the need for certain data in advance - in the kwork description, or while replying to a buyer's request.

4.11. Any exchange of information and/or files to fulfill orders must take place within Kwork.

5. Every seller has his/her own rating and professional competence level.

5.1. Once an order is fulfilled, if there is any dispute that has not been resolved through arbitration, the buyer can still leave feedback about the seller. The buyer's feedback can be edited or deleted by Kwork management if it is unrelated to specific work performed by the seller for that buyer or if it is unrelated to the specific kwork order, is controversial, contains false information, is obscene or contains rude expressions, or in any way violates the website rules. Positive and negative feedback influences the seller's rating. The seller's rating is displayed in the form of stars and represents buyers' opinion of the seller's competence.

5.2. Refusing to fulfill an order without valid reason negatively influences a seller's rating. A seller's kworks may be suspended (hidden) due to multiple consecutive refusals or for ignoring orders (the system automatically cancels orders that receive no response from the seller).

5.3. The quantity and quality of completed orders affect a user's level. New sellers start at the level of "Newbie". After completing 10 orders with no more than 10% negative feedback and/or unsuccessful orders, a seller earns the "Advanced" designation. After fulfilling 50 orders with less than 8% negative feedback and/or unsuccessful orders, sellers advance to the level of "Professional".

5.4. A kwork receives the "Top-Rated" designation if it has been included in at least 20 orders and if the seller has received the maximum possible rating from buyers (no negative feedback, very few orders with no feedback, no delayed orders, and no order cancellations without good reasons).

6. Dispute settlement (arbitration).

6.1. If a buyer and seller cannot settle a dispute on their own, they may submit the dispute for arbitration.

6.2. To submit a dispute for arbitration, please click the arbitration link under Help, indicate the relevant category, and fill out the form. This link appears when the order status is "Сhecking." You can also request arbitration by sending an application in any form through the feedback form, online chat, or an email to marked "For Arbitration." The application should contain the applicant's login ID, login ID of the other party in the dispute, number of disputed orders, and facts supporting your position.

6.3. The application is forwarded to arbitration specialists, who will examine the application and settle the dispute. Arbitration may take up to three business days.

6.4. The arbitrators examine information and messages related to the order and then request (if necessary) both parties' opinions. The arbitrators search for objective information on similar services and compare it with publicly available sources.

6.5. The arbitrators do not evaluate the creative aspects of order but whether the work was performed according to the order conditions (service description and requirements discussed in correspondence), objective work quality, and compliance with Kwork website rules.

6.6. An order is considered complete when the seller has completed the work according to the description and scope of the service. If the buyer and the seller provide contradictory information about an ordered kwork, then the information in the kwork's scope, description, and title will be treated as reliable and accurate information (provided that full and detailed information is presented in the various areas of the kwork).

6.7. If the seller performs a service, but the buyer has no opportunity to check it (there is no report or final work product), the order will not be considered fulfilled.

6.8. The buyer always has the right to leave feedback about an order settled through arbitration, even if arbitration made a decision in favor of the seller. The exception to this rule is when the buyer expands the order requirements beyond the initial scope and/or volume of services.

6.9. If there are severe violations of the rules in the order (like a prohibited topic, a fake or suspicious order), the arbitrator has the right to cancel the order and apply sanctions to both parties. Funds for such an order will be removed from the seller's balance and returned to the buyer, regardless of the time of the order and funds' destination on the seller's balance.

The rules and terms of service are available on the website and may be changed by Kwork management without notice.