Referral program

Invite new users to the project and earn more. Attract the referrals by posting a referral link.

The process is simple. Add your referral ID at the end of any Kwork page and receive the referral link that can be sent to your friends, shared in the social networks or posted at a website or on a blog.

Share in social networks

The revenue from the referral program is up to 6% of each deal (2.5% to those who invited the seller, 3.5% to those who invited the buyer). The amount of revenue is calculated off the withdrawal amount from the main balance of the buyer and accrued to your balance.

Kworks widget

The Widget is a fast-moving banner that randomly shows the kworks selected by you. Select a topic of kworks that is interesting for the users of your website or blog. Create a banner of the relevant size and use it to attract customers and/or referrals.
Create a banner using the widget builder

Materials for publication

You can choose any banner you like and publish it on the website or on social networks.

Banner, 468x60, jpg:

Banner, 88x31, jpg:

Banner, 728x90, jpg:

Vertical banners, 120x600, 160x600, jpg:

Banner, 240x400, jpg:

Banners, 300x250, jpg:

Banners, 336x280, jpg:

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Referral program rules

1. Any registered user of with a confirmed email can participate in the referral program.

2. Registered users receive the referral ID, which is displayed on the pages and

3. To invite referral users, it is necessary to use the link generated with the given referral ID added at the end of the link.

4. All new users registered by your reference link are your referrals. The lists of referrals are displayed on the page

5. If your referred user does not confirm his/her activity within 180 days from the date of registration by either purchasing a Kwork or by making a successfully moderated Kwork, the referral is no longer considered active.

6. Compensation, based on your active referrals, is earned from every active referral order (purchase or sale), after fulfilment of an order at the time of actual money transfer to the seller.

7. Referral revenue is calculated from the amount paid by the buyer for the order from their main balance. It is 3.5% to the user who invited the buyer of this service and 2.5% to the user who invited the seller of this service. The payment from the bonus balance (promo-codes and other bonuses) is not counted for referral revenue.

8. The referral is considered valid for three years after your referred user has accepted your invitation.

9. All revenue received through the referral program appears on the user’s account and can be withdrawn upon the user’s request to the bank card.

10. Users who are part of the referral program must refrain from:

  • contextual advertising on, and their other mirror sites (transitions from Yandex.Direct and Google AdSense are not counted as referrals);
  • posting hidden referral links including but not limited to links with an invisible or poorly visible frame, automatic redirects, CAP, etc.;
  • posting low-quality links on the Kwork site, or attracting bad traffic to the site such as bots, etc.;
  • aggressive forms of advertising: pop-ups, pop-unders, etc.;
  • unauthorized mailings or spam, especially on behalf of Kwork;
  • any other activity that could mislead users and damage Kwork's reputation, or lead to Kwork incurring sanctions from search engines and other services.

No referral revenue will be given for referrals received using the aforementioned prohibited methods. Users who fail to comply with these terms may face sanctions, which can include their account being blocked.

11. website administrators are entitled to make changes to the rules of the referral program by publishing the changes on the partner page