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To buyers

Kwork guarantees

Kwork guarantees:

  • A refund will be made to your account balance if the work is not completed on time.  
  • A refund will be made to your account balance if the work is not completed, or is not completed in full. To refund, cancel the order or submit it to arbitration. Funds will be credited to your balance immediately.

If issues regarding a Kwork order cannot be resolved by negotiations between the buyer and seller, they can be submitted for Arbitration.

Be aware of Kwork offers that ask for prepayment and payment for services outside of Kwork website. Such offers increase your risk of loss of time and money. If the order is not placed through the Kwork website, we cannot ensure its successful fulfilment, and our refund guarantee does not apply.

Kwork offer purchase

Kwork offer is a service or a set of services starting from $10. Kwork offers are created by sellers. They sell different services of various categories which represented on the website.

Extra options (services) are services that can be added to your order such as an emergency order or related services. 

In addition to standard basic Kwork offers, there are other types of them:

Package Kwork offer is a set of options which are included in the offer. This set shows what volume of work and at what price a freelancer is ready to perform this or that activity. There are 3 types of the packages: "Economy", "Standard" and "Business". All of them have fixed price special for the category. A seller includes in each package a set of options. A buyer purchases the necessary package based on the required volume of work. 

Individual order: the buyer can order a unique Kwork offer from the seller, if he has not been able to find an appropriate one from the existing offers. In this case, the buyer specifies the cost of the offer, with terms and details discussed via chat. An individual Kwork offer can be ordered via seller's profile.


All services are displayed in the website catalog. There are search filters on the website placed in the left column on the сategory page. Kwork offers can be found by seller's rating, lead time, quantity of feedbacks, activity of a seller. Also for customers' convenience, the services can be found with the help of keywords. The more accurate the request is, the more relevant Kwork offers will be found. 

There are additional attributes for easily searching of Kwork offers. When creating a Kwork offer, sellers indicate clear parameters for the service provided. For example, in the category "Development and IT" - "Turnkey site project" there are following attributes: type of service (business card, landing, online store, etc.); CMS; uniqueness. Similar attributes are provided in most popular categories. To search a Kwork offer using them, just mark them in the filter block.

You can find a seller on the website by his login. 

Serach box — Login — Search among users. 

To save Kwork offer which you liked, you can add it to "Favorites" or put into your "Cart". You need to click on heart sign on Kwork offer card or Kwork offer page to mark it as "Favorites". All marked Kwork offers will be displayed in "Favorites" section. 

You can also add your favourite Kwork offers to your "Cart" for express ordering. To do this, click on the "Cart" icon (next to the "Order for ..." button) on the Kwork offer page. To view the Kwork offers in your "Cart", click on the icon on the site header. Kwork offers are only saved in the "Cart" for 14 days.


There is an opportunity to create a request for service on the website. You should describe your request as precise as possible. After that, the moderators will activate it and your request will be active during 24 hours. The sellers will send their offers on your request. You just need to choose the most appropriate one. 

The "Top Rated" status is assigned to a Kwork offer if it contains at east 20 fulfilled orders with positive feedback and if a seller has maximum possible rating – no negative feedback, very few orders with no feedback, no delayed orders, and no order cancellations without sufficient reasons. Top Rated Kwork offers are displayed higher in search results.

Payment of your order is made from the account balance. You can add funds to your balance in different ways:
- using the credit/debit cards;
- using PayPal online payment system;
To add funds to your balance (1) click Add Funds button on the Balace page. (2) select the way of payment, (3) add funds. After that, you will be redirected to the Payment system page. Follow the instructions to complete the replenishment. 
If your account has insufficient funds when you try to order a Kwork offer, a request to add funds will automatically be generated.

Any service (Kwork offer) on Kwork starts at $10. Each seller independently decides what is included in the basic Kwork offer for $10. The price may vary depending on the volume of work. Additional volume and services may be added to the order. For Kwork package offers, the cost is based on the package of services selected ("Economy", "Standard", "Business").

In some cases, there is an opportunity to set a free price for a Kwork and package offers. 

We recommend that you order similar Kwork offers from 2-5 sellers at the same time. This is good advice for those who have a large volume of the same-type tasks or a complex work to be fulfilled. You can order several Kwork offers, and then choose which seller you prefer. After that, you can continue to work with the seller whom you liked most of all. You should pay for all the Kwork offers completed according to your brief.

Tracking of Kwork order

The seller has 24 hours to take an action on an order. During this time, he will either accept the order or it will be automatically cancelled (in this case, funds will be refunded to the buyer's balance).

The time of work on an order starts right after a buyer sends all necessary information on the order or when a seller begins working on an order. A seller must fulfill the order within the time frames indicated in the Kwork offer. 

There is no option on the website to prolong the order lead time. If a deadline has been agreed with a seller, just don't cancel the order. The order will be automatically canceled if there is no activity in it during 2 weeks.  

If the order is not delivered on time, its status will change to Expired. We suggest that you confirm the details and the reasons for the delay with the seller. If the seller does not respond to your request or does not provide a specific deadline for order fulfilment, you may cancel the order. The funds purchased for this Kwork order will be refunded to your account. 

Once a seller sends you the final product, you have 3 days to check it. You can accept the fulfilled order or send it for revision clarifying the reasons for its rejection. The reasons for order rejection can't exceed the defined volume of work. If the order isn't accepted or sent for revision within these 3 days, it will be automatically purchased. After that this order will be displayed in "Completed" order section.  

There are several ways of the solution: 
1. You can send the final product for a revision mentioning all the mistakes you found, what hasn't been done according to your initial brief and Kwork offer conditions. 
2. If the revision doesn't help, you can ask a seller to cancel the order. You can offer a cancellation on the Order page, choosing the relevant cancellation reason.  
3. If a seller doesn't agree on cancellation and you failed to find the mutual solution, you can submit the dispute for Arbitration. To do that, go to the Order page-> Help with this section->Arbitration. When applying to Arbitration, briefly describe the essence of the problem. 

Once your order has been completed, you can leave positive or negative feedback. You can choose the feedback you want to leave by clicking on "Like"/"Dislike" smile. Then type a text of your feedback. After submitting feedback it will be displayed in the seller's profile and the Kwork offer for everybody to see. 

Kwork offer can be canceled unilaterally during 20 minutes after the order placement. The money will be refunded to your balance immediately. 
If a seller misses the deadline of the order, you can cancel it stating the reason for cancellation "Not done on time", the money will be refunded to your balance immediately. 
In other cases, Kwork offer is canceled only after the cancellation approval by a seller. To cancel the Kwork order, click on the link "Cancel order" on the order page, then choose the cancellation reason. If a seller doesn't react to the cancellation request, the order will be canceled automatically after 2 days. The money will be refunded to the buyer's balance. 

There are prohibited topics and services which can't be ordered on the website. They are: adult, gambling, binary options, psychological and medical services, astrology; services violating the rights of third parties (see more in Moderation Rules).

The administration reserves the right to unilaterally cancel orders with prohibited content.

The buyer's level appears right after the first purchase in the right corner on your profile page. The more orders purchased, the higher the level is. 
There are 5 levels:
1— Newbie buyer
2 — Accustomed buyer (7+ purchases)
3 — Experienced buyer (20+ purchases)
4 — Giant buyer (50+ purchases) 
5 — Mega Giant buyer (90+ purchases)
There is one more status of "Super buyer" which is given to the buyers who demonstrate high buying activity (no less than 12 purchases within the last 3 months). A buyer can lose this status if his buying activity decreases. 
If a user works more as a seller rather than as a buyer, his Buyer's status displays only for those from whom he orders services (or with whom he chats as a Buyer).


You may add funds to your balance by using the following options:

1) Debit/credit card
2) PayPal

or by another payment method, which you may select on "Add funds to your Balance" page.

If you have replenished the balance via debit/credit card, withdrawing of the funds will be possible no earlier than in 1 month. If you need to withdraw the money earlier, please contact our Support Team. Such withdrawal is done to the debit/credit card from which the replenishment was processed. 

To sellers

Kwork guarantees

Kwork guarantees that the payment for an order will be transferred to your account if an order has been completed in full and on time. If an order is expired, a buyer can cancel this order with the full refund to his balance. 

If there is a dispute on the order which can't be mutually solved, you can submit this order to Arbitration. 

It is prohibited to offer the purchase of an order or to induce a buyer to buy your service outside Kwork website. In such case, Kwork suffers reputational losses and can't guarantee the secure transaction. Kwork administration reserves the right to block the seller's account in case of these violations.

Ratings and Levels

The seller's rating is based on completed and cancelled orders. Orders with positive feedback, completed without delays, have a positive impact on the rating. The seller's refusal to perform the order for a unreasonable excuse, auto-cancellation of an order, or a delay in order processing, have a negative impact on the seller's rating.

The overall seller's rating includes the user's rating plus quantity and quality of fulfilled orders. The overall rating influences the placement of the Kwork offers in the catalog.

The seller who has completed more than 3 orders, has access to the "Sales analytics" section. This section displays rating which is calculated based on:
- Responsibility. The indicator is calculated based on the last 30 orders. Сancellation with the unreasonable excuse, delays and auto-cancellation have a negative impact on this indicator.- 
- Feedback. Last 80 orders. Orders with positive feedbacks and repeat orders have a positive impact on this indicator. Negative feedback adversely affects this rating.
- Response to the order. The average time the seller starts working on the Kwork offer.
- Operating speed. The average completion time for the Kwork offer.
In the "Sales Analytics" section, the seller can track the amount he has earned, the average order amount, and a total number of sales.

The Top rating is calculated separately for each Kwork offer. It is given if a Kwork offer has no less than 20 successfully fulfilled orders with positive feedback and if a seller has the highest rating (no negative feedback, a few orders without feedback, no expired orders, no cancellations with insufficient reasons). 

Stars indicate buyers’ feedback for the whole period of seller’s time working on Kwork. 5 stars indicate that the seller has only received positive feedbacks (or a very small percentage of negative feedbacks). Sellers do not earn stars for uncompleted orders or orders which do not receive feedback.

The most popular Kwork offers of the sellers with the highest rating are displayed on the Main page. The ranking is based on the sellers'  responsibility, Kwork offers rating, buyers' demand for the specific Kwork offers (conversion). 

The «Newbie» level is assigned to new executors. When 10 orders are successfully completed, the level rises to "Advanced".

To increase your level, you must successfully complete more than 10 orders. If a seller completes tasks with delays, refuses to work on them with insufficient reasons or receives negative feedback, his rating will not increase and may even decrease from "Advanced" to «Newbie».

Individual offers are not available to «Newbies». Users with the «Newbie" level can create a maximum of 20 Kwork offers.

An "Advanced" seller has more than 10 orders completed, less than 10% negative feedback and failed orders. The last 100 orders are included in the calculation of the rating.


For "Advanced" sellers, it is possible to create an individual offer in personal messages and in requests.

"Professional" is a seller who has successfully completed more 50 orders with less than 8% negative feedback and failed orders. The last 100 orders are included in the calculation of the rating.


For "Professional" sellers, it is possible to create an individual offer in personal messages and in requests.

The summary statistics for all orders completed are displayed on the seller’s page (Profile), the total orders completed and feedback received.

The "successfully completed" field displays the percentage of successfully submitted orders. If there are orders which have resulted in auto-cancellation or unreasonable excuse for refusal, the percentage decreases. The indicator "Submitted on time" is calculated based on all completed tasks. Orders that have been submitted after the deadline, decrease the percentage in this category.

Beginning of work

A Kwork offer is a service that you can sell for a fixed price of $8. The cost of this service for a buyer is $10. To be able to sell services that are more expensive than $10, we recommend that you add extra options to a Kwork offer. If the Kwork offer and options are attractive for buyers, they will be willing to order several Kwork offer units in one order.

In order to make a clear and highly demanded Kwork offer, we recommend the following tips for correct Kwork offer creation : 
1. Look through Kwork offers of other sellers in your category. What the sellers exactly suggest in the volume of one Kwork offer; 
2. Always write a definite and clear title describing the main service of your Kwork offer. This title should include the key phrase for the buyer to find your Kwork offer; 
3. The Kwork offer description should be clear, easy, accurate and detailed. It should respond to all possible buyer's question, but shouldn't include unnecessary information or describe other services which are not related to the Kwork offer topic;
4. Always define the exact volume of work/services which you are ready to do for 1 Kwork offer. A buyer should clearly understand what he will get after purchasing the Kwork offer. 
5. Add good examples of your previous works. Upload the Kwork offer image, files and, if possible, video description of the Kwork offer.    
6. Be polite to your buyers. Polite communication is essential for good collaboration. Upon final submission of the completed order, please remind the buyer to leave a feedback. More positive feedback results in more orders.
Kwork offer options are a great chance to supplement your offer with extra services. For example, it can be an urgent fulfillment of the order or editing service as an extra option for writing a text.  
To add options to a Kwork offer, select Add options while creating a Kwork offer. Add one or several extra options and indicate their prices. You can add up to ten options, with prices from $3.20 to $160.00. If specific options are indicated in a Kwork offer, a buyer may either purchase only one Kwork offer for $10 or a Kwork offer +  options. The total Kwork order cost consists of the price of the Kwork offer(s) purchased plus all options ordered.

To perform high-quality work, the seller may need to get an additional information, files, and other materials from the buyer. A seller indicates in the instruction to the buyer what information he needs to start work on the order. After paying for the order, the seller sends the instruction to the buyer. Once the required information is received, the seller starts working on the order. 

There are additional attributes for convenient searching Kwork offers. When creating a Kwork offer, please clearly specify the parameters of the service provided. For example, in the "Development and IT" - "Turnkey website project": type of service (business card, landing, online store, etc.); CMS; uniqueness. Buyer, who needs a unique landing on WordPress, can filter out irrelevant Kwork offers in a couple of clicks and receive offers that are a 100% match for his task.

That's why we recommend that you specify the correct attributes when creating your Kwork offer so that buyers can easily find the service upon request.

Each Kwork offer has a maximum time period over which the seller commits to fulfill an order. This time period is called the lead time. When accepting a Kwork order, time one difference with the buyer, weekend, holidays and other factors should be considered by the seller and an appropriate lead time should be agreed upon between the seller and the buyer for providing a Kwork service. A buyer may refuse services if order fulfillment is delayed. That’s why it’s necessary to set an appropriate lead time. Keep in mind that buyers generally prefer to receive fulfilled orders as quickly as possible, which is why Kwork offers completed within a shorter time may attract more interest.

Acceptable file formats permitted for use in Kwork offers and in chats are:  jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp, avi, mpeg, mpg, mov, rm, 3gp, flv, mp4, zip,  rar, mp3, wav, wma и ogg. The maximum file size should not exceed four MB. If you need to upload files of other formats or of a larger size, we recommend that you use cloud storage and provide a link to the file in your message.

To illustrate your Kwork product or to describe a Kwork service in the best possible way, we recommend that you provide a video about your services in your Kwork offer. To add a video to your Kwork offer, insert a video link on when creating/editing your Kwork offer.

Moderation of Kwork offers takes from a few hours up to 3 days. The moderation time depends on the number of Kwork offers in the queue and the time when the Kwork offer was sent for moderation. Moderation may take longer at night and weekends. 

Only registered users who have confirmed their email addresses are able to create Kwork offers. To confirm your email address, please follow the link which was sent to you email address when you registered.

You can submit up to 3 Kwork offers for moderation if you do not currently have active Kwork offers. If you have at least one active Kwork offer, but no orders, you can create up to 7 Kwork offers. Any user with «Newbie» level can only create up to 20 Kwork offers.

Duplicating Kwork offers is prohibited. Please separate services with different subjects, producing different Kwork offers. Create Kwork offers with a different focus and specialization so that buyers can easily choose among them.

A package is a set of services included in the Kwork offer. It indicates what work amount at what fixed price the seller is ready to complete. There are three types of packages with a fixed price: Economy, Standard, Business. 

A service request indicates that a buyer is looking for an executive for his task. The seller can submit his Kwork offer in response to a request. Requests are valid for 24 hours only and the seller can submit his Kwork offer in this time.

Buyer selects the request and submits the task to the seller. The buyer can order a Kwork offer from one or more executives.

The seller can set up notifications regarding new requests from buyers in the "Settings" section.

Sellers can send to buyers individual offers for the amount from $10 to $1000. This is due to the fact that it often happens that the buyer's request is very different from the seller's available Kwork offers. The seller can create himself an individual offer and send it to the buyer using chat, or the buyer can order such Kwork offer from his side via the seller's profile. 

The individual order is available to sellers with "Advanced" and "Professional" levels.

There are several reasons of why nobody purchases your Kwork offer.
First, there is an inaccurate description. Probably, the buyers don't understand what they will get after purchasing $10. Try to describe your service as clear as possible. 
Secondly, there is a discrepancy between price/volume of work (service). Overpricing or too low price can scare the buyers away. 
Thirdly, the service can be unpopular or there is no demand for it. 
It may also be due to your low rating. If your rating is low or lower than that of competing sellers, your Kwork offer may be placed at a lower position on the Kwork offers list, meaning it will be seen and ordered less. To increase your rating, please fulfill all your Kwork orders on time. Don’t refuse ongoing Kwork orders, since doing so will lead to negative feedback.

Order fulfillment

When a buyer orders a new Kwork offer from you, a “new order” notification will appear in the notification center and an email will be sent to your email. You can see your order list in the «Manage orders» menu. You must start working on the new order within 24 hours.

Click on the "Start working" button to inform the buyer that you have begun working on his order. You should do that within 24 hours after the placement of the order. If you don't click on that button, the system will consider the order has been ignored and will automatically cancel it after 24 hours. The money will be refunded to the buyer's account.

If the buyer does not sent the information required to start working on the order, please remind the buyer and offer your assistance to ensure that there are no further questions or complications.If the buyer still does not respond and does not provide the required information, you may cancel the order, stating “no contact with the buyer” as the reason.

Cancellation for insufficient reason has a negative impact on the seller’s rating. If you have to cancel the order, agree on this cancellation with the buyer, explaining the reason. To cancel the Kwork order, click on the link "Cancel order" on the order page, then choose the cancellation reason. The majority of cancellations must be confirmed by a buyer. If a buyer doesn't react to the cancellation request, the order will be canceled automatically after 2 days. The money will be refunded to the buyer's balance. 
There are sufficient and insufficient reasons for cancellation. The sufficient reasons are available before you start working on the order.  That's why it is important for the seller to estimate the order and get all necessary information before the order is taken. 
Important: Specify the correct reason for order cancellation as your comment will be sent to the buyer for confirmation.

Progress reports inform the buyer about the progress on his order. This makes the buyer feel that he has some control over the order and increases his satisfaction.

The system automatically offers to send a progress report every 3 days. You can ignore this offer without negative consequences but Kwork recommends that you use this function to inhance the communication with the buyer. This will increase the likelihood of receiving positive feedback on the order from the buyer.

Sending a report is very simple: in the "Progress report" section, in order tracking, click on the "Progress" scale (each square represents 10% of the work completed). For example, if 30% is completed, click on the third square. Then, in the comment field, briefly describe what portion of work has been completed and what remains to be done. Click the button "Send a report", and your report will immediately be sent to the buyer.

Once you send the final product, a buyer has 3 days to check it. He can accept the fulfilled order or send it for revision. If the order isn't accepted or sent for revision within these 3 days, it will be automatically purchased. 

The lead time for order fulfillment starts immediately after the buyer submits information about the order.
The order must be fulfilled within the time frames defined in the Kwork offer. If a buyer purchases an order of several Kwork offers, the lead time of the following Kwork offers (2, 3 and so on) is divided in half. 

If the Kwork order is not delivered on time, its status will change to Expired. In that case, the buyer can unilaterally cancel the order and receive a full refund. We recommend that the seller informs the buyer about the reasons for the delay if he wants to receive payment for work that has been already completed. Then both a buyer and a seller should mutually agree upon a new delivery date of the work. 

If you started to work on order and you need more detailed information from the buyer, but he doesn’t answer your messages, a sufficient reason for order cancellation «no contact with the buyer" will be available after 24 hours.

After accepting the order and in case of cancellation for an insufficient reason or delay, a buyer can submit a feedback.
We don't remove feedback from the site, except for feedback that violates site rules or is unrelated to the seller’s work. In such cases, the administration will edit or delete feedback from the buyer.
If a seller receives negative feedback, we recommend that he politely responds to it on the special response form and comment on the situation. It is important to respond as detailed as possible. Your response will be published under feedback, and your potential buyers will be able to understand your position on the matter.
The impact of negative feedback on your rating can be reduced by receiving positive feedback on future orders.
A seller can leave a response to the buyer's feedback. The feedback can be left on the Order page or in the feedback section on the Profile page. 
The responses to feedback are sent for moderation. 
A seller is suggested to upload the final product (image or video) of the order to his Portfolio in some categories (e.g. Design, Video clips) after the order fulfillment. The uploaded product will be displayed in that Kwork offer and in the Profile as the image for buyer's feedback. You attract more buyers by adding real samples of your work. They see that the samples are renewed, can read the buyers' feedback for whom these products were done. As the result the buyers' loyalty increases. One more advantage of Portfolio is that a buyer can estimate the service in advance, so it means that he can understand whether your style is matching his requirements. It will save your time and decrease the possibility of disputes with buyers who imagine another result of your work. 
You need to wait for order fulfillment confirmation from the buyer and then upload the file with the final product in a special form on the Order page.

Important: A buyer may sometimes not give consent to publish the results of an order. In this case,  you will not be able to upload your work file of this order.

Sellers can hide their Kwork offers for weekends. To do this, select the option "Hide Kwork offers on weekends" on the "Settings" page. Kwork offers will automatically be hidden from the catalog from Friday till Monday. 

If you temporary are not able to work on the orders, you can stop your Kwork on the "My Kwork offers" page. The selected kwork offers will be hidden from the catalog and will not be available to order. It will influence neither the Kwork offer position nor your rating. As soon as you are ready to continue working on orders, activate the stopped Kwork offers. They will be again available to order.   

Penalties for rule violations

- Refusal to sell an active Kwork offer.
Refusing to sell an active Kwork offer due to the seller's lack of time is equivalent to canceling an order for an unreasonable excuse and has a negative impact on the seller’s rating.
- Rudeness (trolling).
In the case of a violation of communication ethics, a user will receive a warning, in the case of repeated violations his Kwork offers will be blocked for 2 days.
- Boost of feedback.
If boosting is confirmed, all feedback received by the means of boosting will be deleted by the administration.
- Spam.
On the first violation, a user receives a warning, and messages recognized as spam are to be deleted. With repeated violations, the user’s account will be blocked.
- Offer of payment outside the system.
In the case of a payment offer outside of the system, the buyer will receive a warning. With a repeated offer, the buyer’s account will be blocked. In case of dealing with a buyer outside the system, the seller’s account will be blocked.
- Discussion of financial conditions of work on Kwork.
Discussion of the financial conditions of work on Kwork is prohibited. If the seller starts discussing the fee/financial terms, the administration gives him a warning. 
- Ignoring of messages.
If a seller ignores new messages from buyers, all of his Kwork offers will automatically be blocked.
- Auto-cancellation.
If a seller does not respond to the new order within 24 hours, all his Kwork offers will be blocked for 3 days.
Repeated violations lead to a doubling of the blocking period. In addition, sanctions may be taken in cases not described above, in the event that the actions negatively affect the system, the buyer or the seller. The administration reserves the right to completely block the account in the case of a gross rule violation.


In order to withdraw funds from the system, you have to fill out an online request form on the Balance page. You can withdraw funds only from  your main balance; the funds on your bonus balance may be used to order Kwork services but cannot be withdrawn. You can transfer funds to Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Information about fees, payment systems, and any limits on the amount of withdrawal is listed on the Balance page. Withdrawals usually go through every other day during the week – on Mondays,  Wednesdays and Fridays. There may be some delays in withdrawals on weekends and holidays.

For security reasons, when adding new e-wallet details for withdrawal or changing previously specified details, a withdrawal limit will be set for a period of 1 week. If you change your email, the weekly withdrawal limit will also apply.

Fee for withdrawal via PayPal is -%. The minimum withdrawal amount is $-.

Fee for withdrawal via credit-debit cards is 4.5%. The minimum withdrawal amount is $-.


Personal account

Your account email can be changed through the Profile Settings. After the new address is entered, a confirmation email will be sent to your previous email, then the new mailbox will be added to your account.

Please note, if you change your email address, payment details can not be changed for 1 week.

Your account login can be changed through the profile settings. Please note that if you change your username, the payment details cannot be changed within 1 week. Your account login can only be changed once.

In order to delete your account, please contact our Support Team.

Badges are rewards which are given for user’s activity. You can get them by offering new ideas, helping with finding bugs on the site, and actively buying/selling Kwork offers. You can also earn them for positive communication within the system and for participating in contests.

Any user can operate both as a buyer and as a seller. You can switch the "role" on the top menu of your profile. The balance in the account, regardless of its role, is general. This means that the earned money can be spent purchasing Kwork offers.

Notifications of all important events will appear in the user's account.

New order, order update, new feedback and other important alerts will be displayed in the account.

A seller’s profile is an essential tool for working with clients; it is his business card. Specify important information about yourself in your profile. Include your name, city, upload an attractive profile picture, describe your professional skills and other important information for the buyer. With a complete profile, it will be much easier to receive new orders and gain trust from buyers.

For referrals

Referral program

Any user can be both a Buyer and a Seller in the system. The revenue can be given for any activity by an attracted user:

- Kwork offer (service) sale — 2,5% from the total amount of the order

- purchase of Kwork offers — 3,5% from the total amount of the order

The amount of a transaction is the price paid by a buyer from his main balance for a particular Kwork order. Payments from bonus balance (promo-codes and other bonuses) are not counted for referral revenue.

A user who registered by your partner link becomes your referral.
An active referral is a user who either places an order or places a successfully moderated Kwork offer for sale.
Active referrals should place either an order or a Kwork offer within 180 days of their registration date. Referral users who fail to conduct either of these activities within 180 days are not considered active referrals.
Active referrals remain attached to their parnters' accounts for three years from the date of registration. Inactive accounts remain attached for 180 days.
Dishonest methods of attracting referrals:
- contextual ad on brand requests;
- spam or unauthorized mailout;
- hidden referral links;
- pop-unders, clickuders or any other irritating advertising;
Honest methods of attracting referrals:
- reviews and articles;
- social media posts;
- feedback and cases;
- banners, teasers, widgets with referral link;
- news mailout using your own database and done with users' agreement; 
- contextual advertising on non-branded requests;
If you have any questions, ask us here: