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Topics covered:

  • How to immediately boost your earning potential
  • How to create successful kworks from day one
  • How to communicate effectively with clients
  • How to build, maintain, and perfect your ratings
  • And much, much more!
  • Kwork Fundamentals

    Master the basics

    Kwork FundamentalsCompleted
    3-minute read
    Learn about Kwork's core values, explore the Marketplace, and master key concepts to become a top-performing seller.
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    Completed by 336,540 freelancers
  • Your Profile

    Build a strong profile

    Your ProfileCompleted
    4-minute read
    Think about your profile as your business card on Kwork; it represents the first thing a potential buyer sees. In this lesson, you'll learn how to nail your first impression.
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    Completed by 267,331 freelancers
  • Kworks and Portfolios

    Create successful kworks

    Kworks and PortfoliosCompleted
    9-minute read
    Now that you have a solid profile, go ahead and create your kworks. Learn to make your kworks stand out from the competition and build a professional portfolio to back them up.
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    Completed by 237,873 freelancers
  • Reviews and Ratings

    Boost your rating

    Reviews and RatingsCompleted
    7-minute read
    Your ratings represent your reputation on Kwork. In this lesson, you'll learn how to build, improve, and maintain your ratings to consistently receive orders and climb up the Marketplace.
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    Completed by 150,001 freelancers
  • Completing Orders

    Exceeding expectations

    Completing OrdersCompleted
    7-minute read
    Receiving your first order is the stepping stone to a prosperous career on Kwork. In this lesson, we'll cover the entire order process, from accepting an order to final delivery, how to receive positive feedback and so much more!
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    Completed by 156,305 freelancers
  • Communicating with Clients

    Pamper your clients

    Communicating with ClientsCompleted
    6-minute read
    Effective communication will take your freelance business from simply surviving to thriving. By the end of this lesson, you'll be your personal communications expert and know all the dos and don'ts of interacting with buyers on Kwork.
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    Completed by 132,186 freelancers
  • Managing Your Finances

    Sharpen your financial skills

    Managing Your FinancesCompleted
    5-minute read
    Order received? Accepted? Delivered? Awesome! Now reap what you sowed! Learn in this lesson how to minimize fees and how to withdraw your earnings without delays, and become your very own financial guru.
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    Completed by 152,205 freelancers