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  • Unit 1: Kwork Fundamentals
    Lesson 1. IntroductoryCompleted
    3 minutes
    Convenience, speed and reliability are what make the Kwork platform great. Learn about Kwork's core values and find out what you need to focus on to become a top-performing seller.
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    Completed by 130 485 sellers
  • Unit 2: Your Profile
    Lesson 2. ProfileCompleted
    4 minutes
    Your profile is the first step to attracting a steady flow of orders. Learn how to create a profile that will impress buyers.
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    Completed by 111 454 sellers
  • Unit 3: Kworks And Portfolio
    Lesson 3. Kworks and portfoliosCompleted
    9 minutes
    Once you've got a solid profile, it's time to create your first kwork for the Marketplace. Find out what your kwork needs to draw buyers in and start getting orders.
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    Completed by 105 025 sellers
  • Unit 4: Your Rating
    Lesson 4: RankingCompleted
    7 minutes
    Your rating represents your reputation on Kwork, and it's the first thing buyers look at when searching for a freelancer. Find out how to improve your rating quickly to start receiving consistent orders.
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    Completed by 68 595 sellers
  • Unit 5: Buyer Requests
    Lesson 5. Stock ExchangeCompleted
    9 minutes
    The Buyer Requests section is another way of getting orders on Kwork. Find out how to create valuable offers for buyer requests to get more and higher-paying orders faster.
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    Completed by 83 355 sellers
  • Unit 6: Completing Orders
    Lesson 6. fulfill the orderCompleted
    7 minutes
    Receiving an order is the first real step to making money. Find out what you need to do to successfully complete an order, get positive feedback and get paid!
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    Completed by 74 231 sellers
  • Unit 7: Interacting With Clients
    Lesson 7. communication with the clientCompleted
    6 minutes
    Effective communication is a must-have if you're serious about freelancing. Improve your communication skills so you always get it right with your customers.
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    Completed by 62 211 sellers
  • Unit 8: Getting Paid
    Lesson 8. FinanceCompleted
    5 minutes
    All done? It's time to get paid for your hard work! Find out how you can reduce your seller fee (% per sale) and how to withdraw your earnings without delay.
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    Completed by 71 028 sellers