Kwork is a new way of freelance

All of us from time to time use freelance services. We want the necessary work to be well done, and as soon as possible, that’s why we choose freelancers. By creating Kwork, we are striving to bring the idea of efficiency, convenience and speed of freelance services to the perfection.

We believe that:

  • Freelance should be easy and clear. Placing an order on Kwork is as comfortable as putting some products into the shopping cart. No boring and protracted negotiations with the executors. Found the necessary service? Just click «Order» and wait for the result.
  • Freelance should save but not take time away. Kwork appreciates efficient and responsible freelancers by displaying their services at the top of the catalogue. And services of irresponsible executors are hidden from it.
  • Freelance must be safe. It's very disappointing when a freelancer gets money and just vanishes. Personal time and money are wasted. That's why at Kwork you can get your money back in case of any delay.

Life is wonderful, and all of us have so many plans to implement. We want to live our life to the fullest. That’s why, we try to create a comfortable environment everywhere: in our clothes, in houses, at work, and in business. Freelance is not an exception. That's why we launched Kwork.

Our dream is to make freelance really effective and enjoyable activity for everybody. Join us!