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Kwork for sellers

The next generation of freelance
Are you an experienced freelancer tired of being involved in meaningless bargaining for an order and then
justifying the cost of your services? Or are you just starting to sell your services and want to avoid
problems associated with long distance jobs? Kwork is your solution!

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Publish your services and receive orders with little efforts
Create your Kwork offers quickly and easily
Describe your Kwork offer, attach photos and files, indicate your lead time and your requirements to seller. Add options to a Kwork offer and send it to us. Done in just five minutes
Receive orders without pointless effort
Buyers will find your Kwork offer, make a payment and place an order. The notification email will be sent to you immediately.
Publish your services and withdraw funds with no extra charge
Place Kwork offers for free, withdraw funds for credit/debit cards or PayPal.

What is Kwork

Every seller has faced a situation when the buyer has rejected his work, claiming outlandish things, that « This is not exactly what we need!», which results  leads to in many changes and corrections. And in the worst case, the seller is forced has to restart the project. This cuauseresults in delayswork that is overdue, upsets buyers and gets negative feedback.

This happens because of miscommunication between the buyer and the seller: buyers do not clearly express their needs and desires, and sellers don’t understand buyers’ concerns.
Take an initiative
and offer your services to buyers
You organize your business process yourself. You make your own Kwork business offers for your clients. It is better to divide your services into many different packages - Kwork offers, each of which will generate revenue - at fixed prices of $8. One Kwork offer is one unit of service with a certain scope of work that you’re willing to perform for $8 or a few services included in one package for the price of $8.

Forward, marketers! Who said that in the kwork offer can not include free bonuses or fichek, from which the buyers will just be delighted. All in your hands.
one Kwork offer - one service
No confusion. By purchasing one Kwork offer, the buyer knows exactly what he/she is getting, as clearly described in the package. Would the buyer want more of your service? Just make the buyer purchase an additional Kwork offer.
Fixed price
No haggling to «lower» from buyer's side. It is just impossible in the system. Also you can create kworks with different number of services.
Simple calculation
Plan out a budget easily. one Kwork offer = $8 to your account. Would you like to make $800 per month? Just complete 100 Kwork orders.

The payment is guaranteed

Kwork does not allow scams. All transactions are conducted through the system. Buyers pay the fee when they pay for an order. The payment is credited to the seller’s account immediately after confirmation of order fulfillment. You can send a request to withdraw your funds any time after they have been credited to your account.
Promote your brand
Fill out your profile. List your experience and professional knowledge. Create unique design for your Kwork offers. Receive feedback and improve your rating.
Develop your business
Create more unique Kwork offers. Make interesting packages for your services. Improve your services. Show your talent and stand out from others!
Set a price
Clearly indicate the scope of the service in each Kwork offer. Add options to Kwork offers - offer new opportunities to buyers and increase the size of your average paycheck.
Communicate with buyers
Contact your buyers, attach any file, track ordered Kwork offer status on order page. Receive notifications on your order renewals.

How it works

Create and activate a Kwork offer
Buyers will see it on the list of new Kwork offers on Home page, in the relevant service category, or through a search.
Receive an order

You will be notified of an order right after an one is placed. Discuss the work progress with the buyer and track the status of the orders.
Complete and deliver work
Submit work through a special tab on the page of the ordered Kwork offer. The work will be deemed as fulfilled as soon as the buyer finishes checking it.
Receive the payment and withdraw your funds
Payment will be credited to your account immediately after confirmation of work completion by the buyer. Submit a funds withdrawal request, and your money will be transferred within three days.

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