Kwork for sellers

The next generation of freelance
Are you an experienced freelancer? Are you fed up with protracted negotiations and want to stop
justifying the price of your services each time you take an order? Or are you just a beginner and want to avoid
the typical freelance obstacles? Then Kwork is the best option for you!

Try Kwork — online store of freelance service

Place your services and get orders with no effort
Easily and quickly place the services
Describe the service and add the examples of your works. Specify the lead time, possible options and price for the services. Activate the kwork. Everything is done in 5 minutes!
Get orders with no effort
The buyers will find the kwork and pay for it. You will immediately receive the email notification of the order.
Place your services for free and withdraw the funds
Place your kworks at no charge, withdraw the funds on cards.

What is Kwork

Every seller has faced a situation when the buyer has rejected his work, claiming outlandish things, that « This is not exactly what we need!», which results leads to in many changes and corrections. And in the worst case, the seller is forced to restart the project. This cause results in delays work that is overdue, upsets buyers and gets negative feedback.

The main reason is the misunderstanding: the buyer has failed to define his wishes and desires clearly, and you didn’t feel the client’s problem deeply. The collaboration didn’t work out.
Take the lead and
offer the buyers your services
You arrange the business process by yourself. You prepare business offers (Kwork offers) for your clients (buyers), place the Kwork offers for sale. One Kwork offer is one service with the definite volume of work.

If you are ready to execute different services, you can create the package or separate Kwork offers for each service.
Please set the adequate price for your services.

Tip: try to create the description which will work for you. Stand out among other sellers, most probably the buyers will choose your service.
One kwork is one service
No confusions. When purchasing 1 Kwork offer a buyer receives only the services described in this Kwork offer. Does the order require revisions? Offer to a buyer extra paid options.
Fixed price
There will be no attempts from the buyer’s side to beat the price. It is impossible in the system. You can create Kwork offers with different volume of work and set the appropriate price for them.
Simple calculation
Easily manage your budget. Get $8 from each $10 order. Do you want to earn $8000 per month? You can fulfil 100 kworks for $100 or 1000 kworks for $10.

Work with guarantee

Kwork eliminates the fraud risk. All transactions go through the system. A buyer purchases the services at the time of ordering. While the order is in the process, money is under Kwork protection. It guarantees the payment. The payment for the order will be credited to your balance as soon as the buyer confirms the order fulfilment. You can send the withdrawal request at any time after the payment transfer to your balance.
Develop your brand
Fill in your profile page. Mention your experience, professional skills. Create a unique design for your kworks. Receive excellent feedback and improve your rating.
Develop your business
Create unique offers and interesting service Kwork offer packages. Improve your quality of work. Be a responsible seller.
Set a price
Set the adequate price for your services. Define the exact volume of work for each Kwork offer. Add extra options to your kworks, give new opportunities for the buyers, increase your average check.
Be in contact with the buyers
Respond quickly to personal messages and new orders. Communicate with the buyers, ask for additional data and information. Notify the buyer about the progress. Follow important notifications inside the orders.

How It Works

Create and activate your kworks
Your services will be displayed in the catalogue. The buyers will be able to order them.
Receive an order

Order notification will be sent to your email address as soon as the buyer purchases the Kwork offer. Start working on the order as soon as possible.
Fulfil and deliver the order
Deliver the fulfilled order on the order page. The buyer will check the order, and after that, the payment will be transferred to your balance.
Get the payment
Send the withdrawal request and get the payment.

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