Kwork for sellers

The next generation of freelance
Are you an experienced freelancer? Are you fed up with protracted negotiations and want to stop
justifying the price of your services each time you take an order? Or are you just a beginner and want to avoid
the typical freelance obstacles? Then Kwork is the best option for you!

What is Kwork

Every seller has faced a situation when the buyer has rejected his work, claiming outlandish things, that « This is not exactly what we need!», which results leads to in many changes and corrections. And in the worst case, the seller is forced to restart the project. This cause results in delays work that is overdue, upsets buyers and gets negative feedback.

The main reason is the misunderstanding: the buyer has failed to define his wishes and desires clearly, and you didn’t feel the client’s problem deeply. The collaboration didn’t work out.
Take the lead and
offer the buyers your services
Nobody knows better than a freelancer what type of work he or she can do, how fast, and for how much.

Use Kwork to set up your business processes. Post your services (Kworks) in our store once and receive a steady stream of orders. Describe your services, offer delivery time estimates, upload your work samples, name a fair price, and enjoy your earnings!

You can work on individual orders received directly from customers or look for new projects posted on the Exchange, browsing tasks and offering your services. The choice is yours.

Try Kwork freelance services store

Post your services and receive orders without having to put in an effort to market yourself
Post the services your offer for sale
Describe your services, name the price and the delivery terms. Upload work samples. The entire process will take just a few minutes – and you're in business!
Receive orders without any added effort
Buyers will see your service in our catalog and can then order it. You will be notified by email.
Fulfil and deliver the order
Promptly complete and deliver the job. Once the Buyer checks your work, the payment will be deposited in your account.

And Projects Exchange

Choose interesting jobs posted by Buyers and submit your offers
Send offers for projects posted by Buyers
Отслеживайте новые задания на Бирже и отправляйте свои предложения. Выбирайте задания, которые устраивают вас по цене, и с которыми вы точно справитесь.
Receive and complete the order
Get started on the order as soon as possible, do your job promptly and well. This will have a positive affect on your rating.
Deliver the job and get paid
Deliver the completed assignment to the Buyer. The payment will be automatically deposited into your account as soon as the Buyer confirms that he or she is happy with your work.

Work with guarantee

Kwork eliminates the fraud risk. All transactions go through the system. A buyer purchases the services at the time of ordering. While the order is in the process, money is under Kwork protection. It guarantees the payment. The payment for the order will be credited to your balance as soon as the buyer confirms the order fulfilment. You can send the withdrawal request at any time after the payment transfer to your balance.
One kwork is one service
No confusions. When purchasing 1 Kwork offer a buyer receives only the services described in this Kwork offer. Does the order require revisions? Offer to a buyer extra paid options.
Fixed price
There will be no attempts from the buyer’s side to beat the price. It is impossible in the system. You can create Kwork offers with different volume of work and set the appropriate price for them.
Simple calculation
Планируйте бюджет легко. Начиная работу, с каждой 1 000 рублей продаж вы получаете 800 рублей на счет. Чем больше заказов вы выполняете для одного покупателя, тем ниже ваша комиссия! После оборота в 30 000 руб. она снижается до 12%, а с 300 000 руб. - до 7,5%.
Become a professional on Kwork and receive the highest volume of orders
Kwork values responsible and professional service provides.

No low-balling. You set your own prices.

Great quality is greatly appreciated. The better you do your job, delivering orders on time and not cancelling tasks without a valid reason, the higher your rating.

The higher your rating the more orders come your way. Highly rated Kworks executed by responsible providers are ranked higher and receive more orders via the Store. The higher a provider's rating, the more Connects they have on Kwork Exchange. This enables them to get more interesting orders.

Kwork makes sure that the best providers receive the most orders.
Become a professional on Kwork and earn more.

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