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Kazi Sohan
Programmer | Software Engineer | Data Analyst
Kazi Sohan
Programmer | Software Engineer | Data Analyst
Hello, This is Kazi Sohan. I am a competitive programmer and 6+ years experienced in competitive programming using various languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python.

I am an expert in writing efficient data structures and algorithms like:

- Various tree-like Fenwick tree, Segment tree, tree 2-3-4, Treap, etc.
- Various search technic like Binary search, Ternary search.
- String Processing like Manachar, Trie, Hashing, etc
- Graph theory like BFS, DFS, Dijkstra, MST, etc.

I am 2+ years experienced in AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision. I have created
several Detection and Classification models for detecting and classifying different objects.

I also know android, JNI, html5, PHP, and did some projects using these technologies.

From my profile, you can see that my works on Upwork have been good so far and I have gained a lot of positive reviews. I can ensure your best work regarding my skills.

I always try to work hard and complete the work before the deadline. I hope to work with you.

Best Regards
Kazi Sohan
Programmer | Software Engineer | Data Analyst
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Reviews Left for ksohan

  • Machine Learning Model Tuning
    Machine Learning Model Tuning
    ArcN10 months ago

    Once again Sohan has been a great deal of help to me. Helped modify my code to the exact specification as i requested.

    ksohan10 monthsago

    Hope to work with you again :)

  • Machine Learning
    Machine Learning
    ArcN10 months ago

    One of the best sellers i have worked with..... Very cooperative and engaging. He helped me work around a code that was giving me problems for weeks. 

    Do i recommend him for machine learning based problems??.... Yes yes yes!!... Im looking forward to working with him more. 

    The best as far as im concerned.

    ksohan10 monthsago

    Thanks a lot for your great review