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Treatment of sites against viruses

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About this kwork

Treatment of sites against viruses written in PHP (on the engines of Joomla, Wordpress, etc. ). It helps with mobile redirects, shells, scripts, doorways, etc. With the help of my script I find the places of using dangerous functions, I study them and if I find the virus code, then I delete it. As a result, I give the list of the cured files, their backup copy.

Please, keep in mind that I can not decrypt the files encrypted by Zend or ionCube, so I can not check them.

It is also necessary to understand that cleaning viruses by themselves are a temporary solution since the infection has occurred, & likely through the vulnerabilities of the engine used on the site, so that even if the viruses are completely cleaned, they may appear again after a while. More or less protects against viruses only maintaining the engine and plug-ins in an updated state: the newer the code, the less likely that there are vulnerabilities known to attackers.

In any case, even temporary disposal of viruses solves many problems: a clean site is returned back to the search engines and ceases to pose a danger to users.

Needed for order:

You will need access to the site via FTP (also SSH access will be useful) and an accurate description of the symptoms (as you understand that the site's virus: Yandex or Google writes that the site is infected / when you go to the site there is a redirect to another site / antiviruses give out anxiety when entering the site / strange inserts in the code, etc. ).

Freelance service includes:
 Virus Scanning
 Virus Removal
Delivery time: 1 day
Type: Treatment

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 Virus Scanning
 Virus Removal
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