Your assistant, the master of all trades

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Since I have done my major in human resources management, finance and accounting I think I will be a good fit for such jobs. My skills include patience, hardworking, project management, problem-solving skills, planning skills, and written skills.

I also have work experience of about 2years 5months. I used to handle all the administrative works in my previous company.

I will search for necessary information, editing files, sorting data, working with electronic documents, Organize and schedule meetings and appointments, Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports

Develop and maintain a filing systemSubmit and reconcile expense reports, Provide general support to visitors, Maintain contact lists and much more on their request.

Нужно для заказа:

1. I need the job description so that I can understand what my job is.

2. I need to know the time as well.

3. Also, I need all the further necessary details that are required for the job.

4. it will be highly appreciated if you can send a sample of how you want it to be done.

Объем услуги в кворке: 2 hours

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