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Gathering and linking of data from a variety of tables

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Gathering and linking of data from a variety of tables 1 - kwork.com

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Your working file is littered with a bunch of auxiliary tables, so you can barely figure out all the dependencies while the file is running sluggishly, right?

Or you have no way to change the upload structure but at the same time, you have a desire to extract from there only the most necessary for analysis?

Or perhaps you are looking for a technique to simplify calculations and to not waste time on explanations for employees and colleagues telling what and where does the result?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions — try to entrust the solution of this problem to me. Using advanced MS Excel tools and proven techniques I'll help to adjust the calculations and sources, so you would be able to focus on the essentials!

Нужно для заказа:

To perform this task, you must provide the source data in a tabular format (or unloaded data in a standard format), as well as an example of the output layout (or a detailed description of the desired result).

Also, please provide me with instructions for the following points:
  1. Is this task one-time or constantly repeating?
  2. What kind of software is used on your part (namely, software product, its version, formats of working files, etc)?
  3. How the data is stored (in case if you use a lot of sources)?
  4. Can I change the structure or layout of the source tables and table elements?

Please take into account when placing your order:

- the price includes follow-up support for the solutions that have been proposed within a specific task.

Объем услуги в кворке: Up to 5 source tables, 1 output layout

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