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Kwork Overview

With a background in IT and accounting, i have designed and delivered business plans for over 50 clients in the last one year. The various themes have included mobile applications, restaurants, educational institutions, fashion and lifestyle among many others.

What I do require from my prospective clients is a brief about what they want from their business by responding to a set of questions that will be attached in the next session.

I have worked as an accountant in both the private sector and INGOs and have also worked as a trainer for several years now, both class taught and online instructions. I have authored books on financial and cost accounting which attest to my skills and abilities to understand business

To get started, the seller needs:

To complete an order, I need from you a brief about your business. The attached template will help you start out on the process. This is basic information regarding;

1. Explain your business model

2. Mission Statement

3.Company ownership & registration

4.Name of service/product

5. How do you intend to make money? (Monetization of your business)

6. Expected monthly sales – state an estimated amount.

7. Sources and/or amount of funds required (owner + investors)

8. Do you have any current or long-term assets that you wish to use for the business (e. g. car, land, building, etc. ) if yes? What is the monetary value?

9. Expected cost of operations (list items & amounts) what do you expect to spend money on?

10. Management structure (including positions) name of employees or partners

11. Number of employees & salaries per month

12. Niche and Target Market

13. Main competition (if any)

14. Competitive edge

Type: Business Plans
Scope of this kwork: Full business plan with all the relevant chapters including financials

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We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

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