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  • Calling the database with an offer to participate in the event
    Calling the database with an offer to participate in the event
    Established Super Buyer
    100+ orders placed and 12+ orders in the last 3 months.
    EB125 months ago

    Thanks A Lot! A thorough approach to the task. (Autotranslated )

    Ramzay5 monthsago

    Likewise! It was a pleasure to cooperate. Hope to continue ) (Autotranslated )

  • Base ringing
    Base ringing
    Experienced Buyer
    20+ orders placed.
    PartnerOT5 months ago

    A job well done.

    It was necessary to conduct a survey among customers who refused the company's services, for the survey we provided telephony and a script. The contractor made clear forms of reports, explained the nuances, and compiled a list of additional materials necessary for the survey.

    We are extremely satisfied with the process and the results of the survey. (Autotranslated )

    Ramzay5 monthsago

    Very glad! I am also very pleased with the beginning of our, I hope, long-term cooperation. And thanks for the unexpected bonus ) (Autotranslated )

  • Custom order Ramzay
    Custom order Ramzay
    Experienced Buyer
    20+ orders placed.
    ermakova167 months ago

    Everything is done at a good level, always in touch, before making a dialogue we will call, I did a good analysis not only on the brief, as a result, I got a wonderful script, which was necessarily tested before launching.

    I recommend that the quality of the services provided is at a very good level, we will continue to cooperate as this is the best option for sales at the current stage. (Autotranslated )

    Ramzay7 monthsago

    Thank you for such a flattering assessment of my work! Always happy to try! ) (Autotranslated )

  • An article on the topic of inconspicuous killers.
    An article on the topic of inconspicuous killers.
    Seasoned Buyer
    50+ orders placed.
    benza9 months ago

    It was necessary to write text for the content funnel. Topics: economics, business.  The job is done flawlessly. We will apply again. Thanks) (Autotranslated )

    Ramzay9 monthsago

    Thank you for appreciating my work! It was nice and interesting to work with you. I am ready to continue cooperation. High sales to you! (Autotranslated )

  • Texts with 100% uniqueness
    Texts with 100% uniqueness
    Seasoned Buyer
    50+ orders placed.
    RusMir11 months ago

    Everything is fine, we will order more! Thank you for your professional approach and attention to detail! (Autotranslated )

    Ramzay11 monthsago

    Thank you for your purchase! ) Come again! Was and will be glad to help. (Autotranslated )