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Mari Smith
An expert promotion and pro marketer
Mari Smith
An expert promotion and pro marketer
Hello, I am Smith, an expert when it comes to twitch promotion and store and products marketing to get sales. I used to be a gamer but now, I help gamers and streamers to promote their gaming and streaming channels. I am mainly specialized at promoting twitch channels (I can also promote other gaming channels but I am very good at promoting twitch channel).

Also, I am number 1 when it comes to effective marketing to drive traffic and sales to stores or driving traffic to website.

I have different marketing strategies and plans for the execution of my projects and I have worked with many different clients from around the world with good comments from them. Yours will not be an exception. Contact me now and let's discuss about how we can promote your channel or drive sales to your store
Mari Smith
An expert promotion and pro marketer
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    Survey promotion
    lingonikola3 months ago

    Worst experience ever.

    We agreed on a deal and it was not fulfilled.

    I do not recommend this user.

    Mari_Smith3 monthsago

    Worst experience. I told her what next and things to do but she was looking for a cheaper rate