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Khadija Sindhi
Graphic Designe and Web developer
Khadija Sindhi
Graphic Designe and Web developer
I am a Computer Scientist, Developer, Free Lancer, Online Shop Manager, Graphic Designer (with 4 years' experience).

I work for Four companies in Saudi Arabia as a responsible and executor Graphic Designer.

I have been worked as a designer for a real estate and events company

I can design and build a complete web site for you from the scratch under one week with full of hard work and time management.

I can design for you a full brand identity with live mockup under 5 days (3 days of work - 2 days for taking clients reviews ,editing and uploading files )

I can design for you website or mobile application interfaces

Also You can:
Order from me to develpe your exsisting designs from other designers such as : Brand identity - posters - Logos - and application designs (web site and app interfaces)

Ask me for editing your orders three times


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