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  • Telegram Bot
    Telegram Bot
    komzochan1 month ago

    Many thanks to this person for the completed order. The task was set to write a bot for one media outlet, finished pretty quickly. But after the launch, there were a lot of problems that were eventually solved without any complaints. The person answered all my questions, helped with the installation. I advise you to buy from this programmer and the prices do not bite. (Autotranslated )

  • Telegram Python Bot
    Telegram Python Bot
    BroBazuka2 months ago

    I coped with the task. He approaches work with understanding. To the questions of clients who do not understand anything about bots, but who want to install them for themselves, he is condescending. In general, I am satisfied, the main thing is without hassle and on time. I will definitely contact you again. (Autotranslated )

  • I will write a script or a program in Python
    I will write a script or a program in Python
    Experienced Buyer
    20+ orders placed.
    BorisSV2 months ago

    Kirill took up the job that many refused – to develop a search engine parser. The main difficulty was that it was necessary to completely preserve the formatting of the output, including text, emojis, pictures, links, etc. Kirill coped brilliantly with the work. Although there were a couple of small deviations from my TK, it was done even better than I expected))) Of course, a couple of errors came out during testing, but Kirill corrected everything very quickly. I am very grateful, I definitely recommend it! (Autotranslated )

  • Telegram Bot
    Telegram Bot
    Rising Buyer
    7+ orders placed.
    TimCreator2 months ago

    I did everything as quickly as possible and helped with the installation. Very happy with the result (Autotranslated )

  • Telegram Python Bot
    Telegram Python Bot
    Rising Buyer
    7+ orders placed.
    promobro2 months ago

    everything was clearly and quickly made by a small answering machine bot which was very lacking in my project (Autotranslated )