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Aysha khan
Ms softwear Engineer Full stock Website Developer
Aysha khan
Ms softwear Engineer Full stock Website Developer
My Skills Professional .
WordPress Migration
My Sql Database Expert
Domain migration
shopify Development
Wix Development
payment integration
Form Integration
Plugin Customizaction
Multi vendor
UI/UX Professional
Responsive Forms Creation (type form, jot form ,Google Form ,Etc)
Android IOS Development
Web Programming
Website builder with cms
Game Development
Data Analysis
Aysha khan
Ms softwear Engineer Full stock Website Developer
Professional Seller
171orders completed
125total reviews
97%of orders delivered successfully
71%of orders delivered on time
25%repeat orders

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Reviews Left for Ayshakhan

  • I will build ecommerce website with wordpress woocommerce
    it_arnglobal3 days ago

    This is Top Notch Thanks

    Ayshakhan3 daysago

    Thank you so much sir

  • I will build autopilot crypto bitcoin affiliate news website for you
    traderguru20227 days ago

    <p>Very pleased with the work delivered. She was really polite , kind, professional and patient with all my requirements. Final work was perfect in every aspect. Very good communication and very responsive to what I asked. She managed the work perfectly. 10/10 final work and looking forward to future jobs. She assisted me on things on my website beside the ones i asked her. </p><p>Overall really pleased with what I got !</p>

    Ayshakhan7 daysago

    Thank you so so much dear respected sir . Thanks for the review. Once Again an outstanding Experience, Clear Instructions and as usual nice Communication. Thank you so muchtraderguru2022 For the Tip as well :) Good Luck.

  • I will provide job winning cv, resume, cover letter writing service
    Allagnadjowa12 days ago

    Let me just say that the reviews don't lie! Not only did he do an outstanding job with my cover letter, but he updated my resume and made it look super professional. At first glance I was a little bit overwhelmed by how professional it looked, however now I understand that what I was looking at is what a professional resume should look like. A well put together masterpiece! His work boosted my own confidence in my skills and abilities. Highly recommend!! ! Very happy with it!

    Ayshakhan12 daysago

    <p>I really appreciate the kind words, Allagnadjowa! Giving all my customers the best service is my utmost priority and in that regard I simply extended that to you. :) It was a pleasure to work with such an amazing buyer who provided all the required information beforehand and is also communicative. </p>

  • I will provide job winning cv, resume, cover letter writing service
    ibl10819 days ago

    Same day delivery. Almost instant communication. Thank you!

    Ayshakhan19 daysago

    Thank you so much for your great feedback! This made my day :) I am glad I was able to help boost your confidence in your own outstanding skills and abilities. Cheering you on as you begin to search for roles and land interviews! Good luck and I'll be happy to help you out anytime! -ibl108

  • I will provide job winning cv, resume, cover letter writing service
    mareksicinski25 days ago

    Very professional and very communicative to address any concerns I had and even to go the extra mile and give a bit of advice when asked on wither or not certain components were worth including in my resume. Aysha was a pleasure to work with, and the price was worth every dime. To be completely honest I think a service such as this one is truly worth even more than the price. If you're considering the worth of the product. I would say just do it. Absolutely recommend him to others 10000%

    Ayshakhan25 daysago

    Thank you for your incredibly kind words; it was a pleasure working with you!! Wishing you all the best; take care!Thank you so so much again