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Honsby HO
Graphic + Frontend Website Designer
Honsby HO
Graphic + Frontend Website Designer
I am a multi-discipline brand specialty Graphic Designer + Frontend website development expert. With 25+ years diverse project and industry hands-on-deck experiences, I have worked on projects and coordinated personnel in brand, marketing, corporate communication, advertising, online media, newspaper/magazine publishing, print production; and in design studios of creative agencies where I am involved in the designing and production processes.

I am vast, proficient in the use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, inDesign, Premiere, AfterEffects, CorelDraw, Strata Design 3D CX, AutoDesk Maya & 3D Max, with dexterity amongst other suites.

Good concepts must never be ambiguous, have complex structures or patterns to be awesome. Clarity lies within the simplicity of creations. I handle both simple and complex modal outdoor projects, from plan to finish to implementation. Concepts are genuinely conceived. Colours well implemented, typefaces (fonts) are properly chosen and design layout handled with utmost professionalism. I don't do amateurish clipart designs.

My service assures clean, modern and abstract designs with minimalistic smoothness. What you get is elegance and impact!


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