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Translation of contracts, court rulings, legal documentation, articles

1 day

About this kwork


international contracts of the sale of goods;

distribution contracts;

deeds of shares (either initial or secondary) pledge;

court rulings;


press-releases for international law firms;

other legal documentation.


I am able to translate up to 30 pages during the day. It is possible because I have a team of experienced colleagues to diversify the loading.

No need for extensive proofread

I know that international law firms and other clients, despite having professional translations, always have to waste a considerable amount of lawyer's time to proofread the translations. This often slows down the workflow and adds to the cost of service. The reason why it happens is that translators do not have LLB degree and any experience in legal practice: what appears to be a good translation may not be an appropriate legal document.

I, being a lawyer myself, offer you translations which do not have to be proofread long. The essence of my offer is cutting down the time spent on translation by lawyers, which in turn cut the cost for clients.


I have both Russian and English legal education. My work experience is more than 3 years.

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Themes: Law, Finance & Banking
Target language:
from russian to english
from english to russian
Scope of 1 kwork: 300 words
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