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I am a specialist in the fields of professional translation & writing and have been serving a variety of national and international organizations such as unisco, making my clients satisfied is our priority. I translate articles from english to arabic and vise versa, in addition to translating from italian to arabic.

and here is an overview of my previous experience :

I have a Bachelor\'s Degree in journalism department / Faculty of mass communication, English section _ Cairo University

current volunteer at the unicef for translating articles

A former trainee at BBC

A former translator and tour operator at a capital hotel

A former employee at longevity company as a translator

A former trainee at an orange

Completed the facebook journalism project training in March_2018

Completed the "ON_THE_JOB training internship program" at EMDP organization

A delegate & current member at EBSM model (Egyptian Banking system)

A former volunteer at Cairo opera house(forsan baladna for workshops\'organizing

I am honored to have you as my next lucky client and here are some additional skills :



able to create projects including infograph & videograph

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tags "if any"

any changes to be made

Topic: Beauty & Fashion, Food & Beverages, Culture & Arts, Entertainment, Family & Children
Target language:
from english to arabic
from arabic to english
from italian to arabic
Scope of 1 kwork: 10 words

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