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I will write online course content for any subject

Kwork Overview

Hi there!

I have a Bachelor of Science in Communication, Journalism, & Media and 4 years of professional experience writing & editing for over 400+ diverse clients.

I've written courses and video scripts for clients in a variety of subjects. I have a knack for creating valuable content that saves you time and engages your participants.

I will. . .

Write course content and/or video scripts

Provide a course outline

Include objectives and key point summaries for each chapter

Create a mini assignment for each chapter (journal prompts, exercises, or quizzes)

List resources

Ensure it's easy & exciting for your participants to read, watch, or listen to!

Please note:

I only provide the written content via PDF & Doc.

I do not input or design the content into any program or website.

Paid resources (like books) for the course content must be provided;

You must provide the topic(s) the course will be on.

Make that dream passive income project of yours even easier by letting me take care of the writing.

To get started, the seller needs:

Provide detailed information & Instructions. I will then conduct deep research and prepare a comprehensive online course outline, content, or materials for you.

Type: Online Courses Methodology
Scope of this kwork: 1 Chapter, Module, or Video Script {700 words for your course or 5-minute video script. Great for a lead magnet!}

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