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I'll mentor you in Data Analytics, Data Science, Stats, Programming

Kwork Overview


Learn everything you need to know to start on data analytics / data science / statistics / programming / etc. today! From total beginner to an advanced professional, I’ve got you covered.

I’m an experienced mentor in these areas with several years of experience, as well as a content creator. I’ve also worked several years in education and have an easy-going style.

We will talk in detail about specific challenges you have, the mindset of a successful professional in the field, and skills you need to develop for a promising career.

Learn from my 10+ years of experience in these areas. Avoid the most common issues that plague many professionals and distinguish yourself from the crowd by learning stuff you won’t find in a course or a textbook.

Mentoring is done via online video calls (via Zoom or Jitsi), emails, etc.

Specifically, you get:

1. Advice on the best tools/methods to use

2. Feedback on specific problems you tackle

3. Answers to all your questions on the subject

4. Career-related advice (including Resume/CV and Cover letter)

5.180’ of video sessions, including screen-sharing (4 45-minute sessions)

6. Suggestions for resources for further learning and practice

To get started, the seller needs:

In order to start with the training, you would have to tell me which field you’d like to work in and the level of your knowledge in it. This way, I can fine-tune the whole process so that it’s as effective as possible. If you have specific questions for each session prepared, that would also be very helpful, though entirely optional.

Subject: Formal Sciences
Scope of this kwork: 4 45-minutes mentoring sessions along with clarification emails to follow-up each session

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