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Macros for Microsoft Excel and Word

Kwork Overview

Development of macros for automation an office applications.

With macros the following features are available:

- Generalization of information contained in different sheets, books, files, both in Excel and in Word.

- Creation and completion of formulas.

- Creation of mailings, generation of mail envelopes with use of mechanisms of data merging.

- Data input using custom forms, control of the correctness of data entry.

- Protection of existing data, backup.

- Generate reports in Excel, Word, PDF.

- Create dynamically managed summary reports and diagrams.

- Generation of barcodes and QR codes in reports.

Follow-up support and product support. Correction of errors revealed in the course of real work and minor improvements are carried out free of charge and in the shortest possible time.

Brief explanations of the work with the product are attached free of charge.

Additional options:

- Run as a separately executable program, while macros are managed directly from the Excel tape, the other tabs will be hidden, which will give the product the look and functionality of a standalone software product.

- Development of instructions and accompanying documentation.

To get started, the seller needs:

I need a detailed description of the job, an example of the source data, samples of necessary reports or other desired results of work. My help in drafting the technical assignment is possible.

Program: Excel
Scope of this kwork: 1  macro  for  automating  user  actions  in  Excel  or  Word

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