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About this kwork

24-72 hour start time

50,000-100,000/day speed

Lifetime refill guarantee

2-5 minutes watch time

Safe to run with monetized videos

Windows desktop watch page & embedded views

Worldwide viewers added in a non-stop natural pattern

Must be unrestricted & open for all countries


Incremental Speed Based on Order Size

500 Minimum order

1,000, 000,000 Maximum order

Please read the rules below to avoid issues when placing orders, thanx!
  1. Do not place several orders for the same link at the same time, wait for the frist order to finish before placing the next one.
  2. Do not run ads or order services from outside sources after placing an order with us.
  3. Do not change your username or switch your account to private before order is completed
  4. Refill works in logical situations, for example, if you have an account with 100k followers, then order 2k from us, and experience a drop we cannot refill as the drop is most likely to be from your previous followers, not what you bought from us.
  5. Orders may not get completed and refunds cannot ve given if the above rules are broken.
Needed for order:


Type: Views
The volume of 1 Kwork: 3 000 views
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$10Order details
7 days delivery
Number of views  


Funds will be instantly returned to the account if something goes wrong

How does it work?

Kwork transfers money to the seller only after the buyer has checked and accepted the order.

Money can be returned:

  • Immediately if the buyer canceled the order in the first 20 minutes after the start
  • Immediately if the seller delayed the order, and the buyer decided to cancel it
  • Immediately if the seller and buyer agreed to cancel the order
  • Within a few hours if the order is made poorly or not completely
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Tell your friends about this kwork