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"Great job i really liked it"
"Great job i really liked it"
Review left by Alghareeb, 15 days ago
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Kwork Overview

Want to become the best streamer on Twitch? You need a Twitch channel design that can attract attention! And I will help you with this!

In this kwork, I offer you the design for a Twitch account:

- Offline banner (Video Player Banner)

- Profile Picture

- Cover

- 6 panels

I will listen to all your preferences and make edits

I don't do self-drawing, animation, or 3D graphics.

You can see all the examples of Twitch design work here:

To get started, the seller needs:

- Link to your channel

- The names of the panels (Donate, About Me, My PC, etc. )

- Personal preferences in colors and style

- Login and password from the account, if you have one or more of the following additional options: Upload the design to the account; Configure notifications of donations and subscriptions; Configure a chat bot (Moobot); 7 widgets Donation Alerts;

Scope of this kwork: Offline banner, profile picture, profile banner, 6 panels

Extra Options

  • +$4
  • +$8
  • +$6
  • +$6
  • +$8
  • +$6
  • +$4
  • +$6
  • +$10
Money-back Guarantee
Your money is returned instantly if something goes wrong. How does this work?

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$20Order Details
3 days delivery
usually completed in 1 day
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Money-back Guarantee

Your money is returned instantly if something goes wrong.

How does this work?

Kwork pays a seller only when the buyer has reviewed and accepted the order.

You'll get your money back

  • instantly if you cancel within 20 minutes of placing the order
  • instantly if the seller misses the deadline and you choose to cancel the order
  • instantly if the buyer and seller mutually agree to cancel the order
  • within several hours if the order is completed poorly or incomplete.
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