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I will do computer science and architecture, operating system projects

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Kwork Overview

Welcome here. . .

I have expertise in Computer Science, computer Architecture, Organization and Assembly language. I am offering you to assist you in Computer science, Computer Architecture, languages as like Java, python and CPP etc .

These are my expertise.

  1. Computer Architecture
  2. Computer Science
  3. Assembly language
  4. Computer-system structures
  5. Operating system structures
  6. Processes and threads
  7. Process synchronization
  8. Deadlocks
  9. CPU scheduling
  10. Memory management
  11. Virtual memory
  12. File-system interface
  13. File-system implementation
  14. I/O
  15. Bash Scripts(simple + advance)
  16. Inter process communication
  17. Linux Commands
  18. Networking
  19. System calls
  20. Dead Locks
  21. Shell creation(simple + advance
  22. Virtual memory
  23. Process synchronized (Mutux + Semaphores + Monitors)
  24. Main Memory
  25. Multi-threading (synchronized)
  26. Mass-storage structures
  27. Threads
  28. Processes(forking
  29. Operating system structure

Why should you choose me?

  1. On time Delivery
  2. High-quality work
  3. 24/7 availability

If you have any question, Don't hesitate to ask.

Amount will be discussed according to complexity of work.

To get started, the seller needs:

Please provide me complete details and Requirements.

Also Provide Related Pdf or documents ( IF required )

Hoster: Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Google, Alibaba,, Selectel
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 Server installation
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Money-back Guarantee

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