4G proxy server based on Raspberry Pi and 3proxy

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Installing and configuring 3proxy proxy server based on Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian OS.

The service includes the installation and configuration of one copy of the 3proxy software on one Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer with up to 8 modems.

Upon completion of installation and configuration, you will receive a working proxy server on your Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer.

Re-flashing modems is not included in this service.

Setting up automatic change of IP addresses by modems is performed as an additional service.

If necessary, I will advise you on the purchased equipment as part of the service.

What the seller needs to get started:

You will need:

1. Microcomputer Raspberry Pi 4 with a memory capacity of 2 or 4 GB with a power supply and a memory card.

2. USB hub with power supply

3. USB modems

4. Remote access to the computer from which your Raspberry Pi is available via AnyDesk, or ssh access to the Raspberry Pi.

5. If you plan to connect to the proxy from the outside, then you need a static external IP address from your Internet provider and access to the router settings.

Service includes:
 Server Installation
 Server Settings
Delivery: 2 days

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$70Order details
2 days delivery
 Server Installation
 Server Settings
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