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Server or Software install and configure automation

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Brief Description
Automating several task by your ready instructions or defined algorithm
We discuss results you want and selecting optimal way to automate it
We will take a comprehensive look at the setup process, divide it into components, select automation methods
Writing Playbook
Writing templates
Writing Roles
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About this kwork

Automating install, deploy, configuration and running software on Linux servers using Ansible.

If you automate actions to 'single button push' state you got following advantages:

  1. You don't forget prepare important settings.
  2. Configuring spent low amount of time.
  3. Get possibility prepare same settings on unlimited count of hosts.
  4. Therefore - you will free yourself from routines.

How to achieve it?

  1. Preparing of inventory file with list of hosts and it's connection methods by SSH.
  2. Writing a Playbook - list of Tasks which will be run on the host (account creation, package installation, generate config files etc. ).
  3. Writing a Template (if it necessary) - config file prototype contains variable settings. For example, if you need to specify server IP address in config file on several hosts.

If it need prepare graceful - will write a Roles. With roles you get ability to construct host configuration like bricks. For example: you may appoint to host roles like 'docker-host', 'docker-swarm-mgr', 'docker-mysql' and finally get working MySQL node in docker container from scratch!

It is perfect way to control rapidly changing infrastructure of VDS or dedicated servers.

What the seller needs to get started:
  1. Please, provide task list you want automatically prepare on system.
  2. Specify OS you working with to adapt scripts for this OS.

In general every task related to automation process in unique and need advanced analysis.

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7 days delivery
 Writing Playbook
 Writing templates

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