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I will make E-Commerce stylish Product Ads Promo video with voice over

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Kwork Overview

Video advertising has played a huge part in shaping our modern society! And in such a saturated market a subtle difference can make the difference!

I am a professional video editor/producer who specializes in creating High-Quality cinematic videos, commercials, and promo videos!

Here in this offer, you'll get,

  1. Ecommerce Product promotional video
  2. Premium background music with text overlay.
  3. Female and male voice over
  4. Royalty-free Stock Footage Supported(As per request)
  5. Creative Transitional animation
  6. Amazing Transitions
  7. Attractive typography
  8. Color grades
  9. Modern/Cinematic Feel
  10. Full HD/4K resolution, and super fast delivery
  11. Unlimited Revisions.
  12. 100% satisfaction

Get a cinematic feel! I have access to 3M+ 4K footages that are shot by world-class cinematographers. Rhythmic music is crucial to any video ad maker. I will select any moods of music that might fit your needs. If you don't have any script, I will get it done professionally for you.

Please tell me about your Ads

  1. Logo
  2. Shop website Link
  3. Script for sales text
  4. Duration 30s-60s

I will work with utmost honesty and sincerity by providing 100% quality and flawless service Because Client Satisfy is my goal. So, Don't waste your time

To get started, the seller needs:

Thank you so much for ordering me. Please give me your eCommerce shop link, any script if you add, targeted voice over female or male, targeted language.

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Order Details

  • +$20


2-day delivery
Unlimited Revisions
Usually completed in 3 days
 Script writing
 Voice over
 Full HD (1080p)
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