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Promotional Video Production.

Sample video's produced by me can be viewed on my You Tube channel.

See the portfolio section of this Kwork

I specialize in converting corporate presentations into promotional video's and combining content from different videos into one promotional. If you provide the basic media, I will add:

o Music and sound effects (Guaranteed royalty free)

o Video Effects

o Editing to the required length

o Annotation, labels and animated text inserts

o Voice over ( Male with South African accent if I do it)

o Background graphics


Step 1 - I deliver the 1st cut.

You refine the with specifying where you need changes, additional content, Text annotation, sound effects ...

Step 2 - Deliver the final product

Deliverable is an MP4

Нужно для заказа:

All media content to be provided, which can include:

o Powerpoint or Keynote presentation

o Pictures, graphics , logo's to be incorporated

o Description of the market message and / or value proposition

o A bit of a storyboard ( how do you want it to flow? )

o Existing Video clips to be incorporated ( I don't shoot video's) in MP4 or . mov format

o Audio clips ( eg. voice recordings in mp3 format)

o Script if you want me to do the voice over ( Male South African Accent) English or Afrikaans.

o Do you want intro, outro or background music

o Do you need sound effects inserted at specific points

o Preferred coloring

o Text Font preferences

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