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Kwork Overview

Hi! I' am JOHN MARK gonzaga from Philippines, I ' am experienced Photoshop Editing And I'm seeking for a great opportunity for those people want a design.

Why you hire me?

I can Offer you a Unlimited Revisions

Friendly Costumer Services

4-5 yrs. of expertise in adobe photoshop

100% refund with no questions ask

I experience in real estate Graphic design

service offered

1 PHOTO editing

Retouching, Enhancing, Background Removal or changing, Color. Correction, Nice removal, Brightness, Contrast, Resize and Cropping.

2 advance photoshop

Whiten teeth, Remove blemishes, Wrinkles, Eye bags, Marks and Blemishes, Softening, Restoration and Manipulations.

3 personal documents

4 product PHOTO enhancement

ebay, Amazon etc.

5 graphic design

Banner, Website Header, Ads, Facebook Cover, Profile Picture, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn cover and Profile, Calling card, Business Card, Ticket, etc.

If the service in NOT listed above, Please FREE FEEL TO contact , so we can talk about your concern and we will discuss about, I will update you ASAP.

I DON'T DO vector illustrator OR drawing.

To get started, the seller needs:

To fulfill your Order.

I will need a description of the assignment from you.

Please send all images can i use if applicable

Please send me necessary file s for the project

Please send complete and detailed instruction so we can get started

thank you!

Scope of this kwork: 2 samples of images, 100 text for the social media ads, copy of format

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We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

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