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Website optimization on Joomla - On-page SEO on CMS Joomla 10 pages

Kwork Overview

Are you the owner of a site on the CMS Joomla and need high-quality technical and internal optimization of the site? - Then this Kwork is for you! Works that it includes:

1. Uploading information on all URLs and pages of the site

2. Configuring and optimizing the file . htaccess (301 redirects from www and from http to https (if an SSL certificate is enabled)

3. Sitemap.xml - configuring the site map

4. Robots.txt - setting up the directive

5. Setting up index.html in the URL

6. Banning indexing of broken pages and links (404 errors)

7. Selection of the semantic core for 10 pages of the site (35-45 key phrases)

8. Creating selling and relevant META tags (Title, Description, and Keywords)

9. Adding META tags to the site for the desired 10 pages

10. Drawing up the technical specifications for copyright (the copyright itself, if necessary, is ordered separately)

11. Drawing up technical specifications for internal linking of pages (when ordering content, the linking itself is also performed)

12. As a bonus, I will give recommendations for more in-depth optimization + for further promotion of the project.

Website promotion on Joomla:

To get started, the seller needs:

I need access to the admin panel of the site, to FTP, and hosting.

As well as agreeing on all the points before starting work.

Scope of this kwork: Complex optimization of 1 site on Joomla - 10 pages

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Money-back Guarantee

We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

How does this work?

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