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Doorway run with Xrumer. Seo X-rumer

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Kwork Overview

X-Rumer is a paid tool used for SEO promotion by posting posts, topics, comments on various resources and services. Can be used in SEO as well as SMM.

How does X-Rumer work?

== // == XRumer is a program for the Windows operating system that sends your information to sites, forums, blogs and other services, bypassing resource protection using captcha and avoiding a ban.

In this Quork I offer you a Doorway Run on Forums, Blogs and Guestbooks.

How is it done?

Collecting keywords through Magadan Pro.

Take the Jako dorgen doorway engine. With its help we generate 1000 unique texts with the keywords you need.

And then we insert the beauty we received into the X-Rumer.

As a result, we have a run through the NCHZ with a unique text that includes these keywords. Such topics can well enter Google and raise the site itself, as well as provide additional traffic.

You can do a run both on RU bases there and on Burzhunet.

Also, to enhance the quality of the post, it can be diluted with pictures and videos from YouTube.

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To get started, the seller needs:

You are required to have a thematic text, the longer the better. General list of keywords - summary or list of keys for selection. You can have a couple of links to pictures and videos on YouTube.

Topic: Law, Education & Science, Construction & Development
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 Near-link text
 4 000 backlinks

Money-back Guarantee

We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

How does this work?

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