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Place your backlink on my website https://ruslo.info/

A high-quality and unique article of up to 3000 characters without spaces will be written specifically for you, and images from open sources will be added.

Attendance is an average of 500-700 users per day. Please see site statistics in the attachment.


  1. The link does not guarantee traffic to your site!!! The purpose of backlink is SEO and increasing the link mass of your site.
  1. Links which will be not accepted: 18+, advertising of drugs, politics, betting, alcohol, black PR, corporate wars.
Website list: 1
Website parameters are updated monthly, so current parameters may differ from those displayed here.
What the seller needs to get started:
  1. Send the url of the promoted page. If necessary, indicate up to 3 urls from 1 of your site (all of them will be placed in 1 article).
  2. Indicate anchors, if necessary.
  3. You can send your own article for posting.
Service includes:
 Article Creation
 Article spinning
 Indexing Acceleration
 Number of Backlinks: 1
Delivery: 1 day
Type: Personal Websites
Topic: Education & Science, Other, Tourism & Travel
Duration: Permanent

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1 day delivery
 Article Creation
 Article spinning
 Indexing Acceleration
 1 backlink

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