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I'll write an EDM track. European sound of your vocals

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I'll write an EDM track. European sound of your vocals 1 - kwork.com
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I'll write an EDM track. European sound of your vocals 2 - kwork.com
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I'll write an EDM track. European sound of your vocals 3 - kwork.com

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Why choose me when ordering processing or writing music?
  1. I provide you with several different ways for you, according to which we will move and after your approval, I am enriching the track with additional sounds for so to say the fat and beauty of the sound.
  2. I give a guarantee that you will learn something or get a view from your side on your thinking (criticism is very important for a musician)
  3. I guarantee that you will be pleased to work with me or arrange sessions on Skype

I have been doing music for 4 years. (Arrangement, mixing and mastering at the level of European producers EDM)

I create a musical accompaniment to your vocals, words or just embody your idea in beautiful musical reproduction

I use such instruments: guitar, piano, synthesizers, percussion, samplers, live sounds, sound effects and sometimes orchestral instruments

I make tracks in different styles:

-House: Tropical, Progressive, Deep, Bigroom, Electro, Future


-Hardstyle (with and without vocal)

-Future Bass


The standards of sound for me: Kygo, Olly James, Sigala, Jay Hardway, Flume, Avicii

Нужно для заказа:

First of all, I have a medium level for speaking on skype(skype session for writing lyrics).

track WITH vocal

It is necessary that the customer provided the character of the sound of music and said the genre + it is desirable to throw off an example that we can match

Maybe I'll make you re-sing your vocals if it sounds in different octaves or it's just that everything is bad with notes (it's okay, I'll help and tell you what can be done about it)

Describe the maximum of emotions from the expected, I need to know everything that can be, so that on this basis know what instruments to combine or which melodies to adhere to)

Correct and process your vocals for free

track without vocal

Throw off the example or tell the artist, the sound of which we will be based on, or just describe the structure that you want to see in the future track

If you decide to put your hopes on me, saying simply in what genre you need to move, I'll just send you a few versions and we'll start off

Объем услуги в кворке: 3 minutes

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