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I will record divine female vocals, sing a cover

Kwork Overview

Hello everyone! I love music and everything related to it, but my favorite life activity and hobby is singing. I sing with backing tracks, record vocals with piano and guitar in FL Studio or GarageBand. I also create music. But about this in another Kwork ;)

If you need someone who will record clean, beautiful, gentle female vocals, then you are at the right place.

I graduated from music school in piano and vocals, and I've been singing for as long as I know myself. Singing is something that brings me and the people who listen to me sing, pleasure.

I think that the main task of music and singing in particular is to convey the feeling that you feel yourself to others. To do this, you need to have musicality, pure intonation in the voice, as well as various vocal techniques, ranging from vibrato to fermata.

Among my achievements are various diplomas and certificates of creative festivals, as well as gratitude for participating in various music concerts.

If you are interested in this Kwork, write, I will be glad to meet you :)

Equipment used for recording vocals:

1. Rode NT-1a microphone

2. Focusrite Solo 3rd Gen Sound Card

To get started, the seller needs:

You need to order:


1. The name of the song you want me to perform

2. Song lyrics

3. Music video for this song, if available

4. Do you have a wish for me to sing under the minus sign, under the piano or under the guitar? Choose one of the options. If you choose a minus sign, send it to us, or we will find it and coordinate it together

Genre: Pop, Electronic, Jazz, Сhoir, Оpera, Folk Music
Voice: Female
Age Range: Child, Youth, Adult
Language: English, Russian, Italian
Scope of this kwork: 30 seconds

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