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Kwork Overview

Do you have an Etsy, Shopify, Website, EBay, Alibaba, AliExpress or Instagram store, but no or few sales?

Let' s drive traffic from Pinterest - the largest social network with a lot of potential buyers from all over the world!

What will I do:

  1. Create a Pinterest business account for your store, with your keywords and your product category.
  2. A board will be created in your account for the keywords of your products.
  3. This account will automatically create, every day - 30-40 pins with your link to the store. Throughout the month, continuously on the machine
  4. In total, an account will create 950-1100 pins per month with a link to your store.

You will passively get a lot of targeted traffic on Pinterest to your

In about 20 days, when the pins are indexed, traffic to your store will begin to flow.

Visitors will come from Pinterest itself, Google search, and Facebook.

The Automatic works for one month (usually this is enough to promote the account and start bringing traffic from 200 thousand to 1 million impressions)

Boost real traffic (NO BOT)

Your Pinterest account will be yours forever, I give you the Login/Password


Important! Please read the file

To get started, the seller needs:

- link to your Etsy store, Shopify or website, EBay, and more

- keywords if possible

****Attention !

I don' t need your product photos or other photos. The work is set up so that the automation will itself search Pinterest and Google for photos for unique keywords in your topic. And substitute a link to your store, website.

Platform: Etsy
Type: Account Management & Marketing
Scope of this kwork: Account Pinterest + 1 board+ ~1100 pins/month

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Money-back Guarantee

We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

How does it work?

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