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I help design an amazing resume within 24 hours

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A resume is an important requirement for job hunting. Recruiters receive a pile of files to go through hence limited time for each candidate, averagely 1minute. However, a perfect resume easily captures the recruiters\' attention for more during shortlisting. In spite of your academic qualification and experience, the layout plays a major role in whether to be selected for the next level or not. It highly communicates your identity and personality. I\'ll help you design a colorful, persuasive resume.

Do you know the right words i. e adjectives, verbs and tense to use in a resume? Would employers prefer to engage real persons? How is the introductory part of your resume contribute to success? What should you include in the introduction? Should your resume be linked to an online profile? Would you prefer to verbally include your resume in You-tube? What are the main components of a resume? Do you need coherence?

I am a certified professional in career development by Yusudi, to mentor, modify and implement people in careers. On the other hand, a digital marketer certified by Google to make your profile viral.

What the seller needs to get started:

What I need to complete your order:

1. Full official name+Contact(Email+Phone)

2. Personal statement if applicable. Should I assist?

3. Work Experience(Institution+Position title, achievements/accomplishment, date)Should be relevant.

4. Educational Background(date, institution, qualification, role, date)

5. Certification/professional qualification(date, institution, qualification)

6. Interest(Does it add value? Is it aligned to the area of interest? Does it portray a character? Ensure you are all around. Include volunteer services.

7. Reference- professionalism is preferred.

8. A professional photo (should be clear)

Scope of 1 kwork: 1 page, 1photo, design, colored

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