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Draft a Robust Business Contract or Legal Agreement

Kwork Overview


I am a practicing solicitor specializing in Privacy Law and E-commerce Law, with a deep understanding of technology, blockchain, NFTs and a passion for contract drafting.

I will help you with the accurate and reliable review or drafting of complex agreements, policies or any other legal documents your business needs.

My experience includes drafting for my clients, without limitation, the following documents:

1. Employment Agreement

2. Shareholders Agreement

3. Rental Agreement

4. Lease Agreement

5. Commission Agreement

6. Service Agreement

7. Franchise Agreement

8. Partnership Agreement

9. LLC Operating Agreement

10. Independent Contractor Agreement

11. Website Terms and Conditions

12. App Terms and Conditions

13. GDPR, Cookies & Privacy Policy

14. Memorandum of Understanding - (MoU)

15. Non-Disclosure Agreement - (NDA)

16. Software License Agreement

17. Freelancer Contract

18. Any other business contract.

>> Competitive Advantages:

- 24/7 Availability

- Revisions available

- On-time Deliveries

- Custom/Tailored Deliveries, specific to your needs.

I will coordinate with you closely and accomplish the contract with adroit skills and expertise within the given timeline.

Many thanks,


To get started, the seller needs:

Please send me a message so that enough details with regards to your order could be collected from you prior to starting work.

Scope of this kwork: Draft a robust contract comprising of 1000-1500 words (3-5 pages)
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Money-back Guarantee

We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

How does this work?

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