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Adobe premiere pro course from basic to advanced

Kwork Overview

Hi there,

I have been editing videos for about 3 years now. My primary editing tool is Adobe Premiere Pro. In this meantime I have learnt everything that needs to complete a project professionally.

You can always check out my film-making, cinematography and editing works in here,

In this tutoring plan we will be covered the bellow properties. Please remind that there will always be something extra that I will be tutoring during running the course plan.

Basic Course Plan

  1. Creating a Project
  2. Import files
  3. Sequence
  4. Multiple sequence
  5. Timeline, Panel and toolbars
  6. Effect controls

Intermediate Course Plan

  1. Add Text
  2. Key-frame animation
  3. Built-in Transition
  4. Built-in Effects
  5. Audio Editing
  6. Masking
  7. Color correction

Advanced Course Plan

  1. Custom Transition
  2. Custom Motion Graphics Template
  3. Visual Effects
  4. Sound Design
  5. Color grading (Lumetric color)

please NOTE:

Remember that there are obviously so many other things while editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Not everything has a certain name that I could possibly set it in here. So don't think that the description here or the package description is the limit.

To get started, the seller needs:

To start our teaching sessions, I need to know if you have any previous editing or film-making experience.

Type of Training: Software Training
Scope of this kwork: 60 minutes
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