Full OBS setup for streaming Twitch, YouTube and other platforms

About this kwork

Are you planning to start streaming? We will be happy to help with any questions regarding the setup of your stream! We will prepare your online broadcast through the OBS program, on such platforms as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others.

The cost of this Kwork includes:

- analysis of your PC to calculate the optimal parameters for streaming;

- setting up a multi stream (on several platforms at once);

- scene setup (camera, screen / app capture);

- chromakey setting (remove green / blue background);

As well as service, quality of work, backup file of setups.

Please fill out a short brief, indicating all your wishes, do not forget to check additional options, such as:

- setting up widgets (notifications about subscription, donation, fundraising, display the latest events, top donations, chat);

- setting the microphone / sound (remove background noise, increase sensitivity, etc. );

- Overlay / HUD design;

- Twitch channel design (buttons, widgets (what is under the stream));

- Twitch / YouTube header;

- Video Screensaver, preview, offline banner;


What the seller needs to get started:

For the most correct setting, it is advisable to use Skype or Discord (for screen sharing) or Team Viewer, AnyDesk (for PC control).

Time: 30-60 mins

Depending on additional services, the opening hours can vary from 6 to 48 hours.

I also recommend you to check my other Kworks, perhaps they will be useful for you!

For example: Video editing (cutting of moments, animated scenes, intros, transitions, intros, etc. ), Channel design (decoration, etc. ), etc.

Best regards, Vladyslav!

Software Type: Software
Scope of 1 kwork: Setting up OBS to broadcast 1 time to 1 PC

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