Audio Production. Edit Mix and Master Audio - Starting at 30 sec

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About this kwork

Edit, Mix and Master of Audio files into one broadcast-ready production.

Before and after samples of my work attached to this KWork.

I have a fully equipped recording studio and work with various recording and audio editing technologies. I am able to import and work with MP3's, WAV's and other standard audio file formats.

Edit Audio, Split Audio Files, Change and balance levels, Reduce noise, Remove Noise or sections of audio, Join parts of different audio files Insert music and/or sound effects.

Pricing Structure :

Ist KWork order at $10 is to edit and master a single audio source file of 30 sec or less to -3db level.

Additional KWork orders for every additional 60 seconds of source audio.

eg. so if your file is 3 min long you need to order 1 X 1st kWork @ $10 ( 1st 30sec) and 3 x additional 60 sec@ $10 each = $40.

Additional Kwork orders for every additional audio file to be mixed in.

Additional Kwork orders for up to 10sec intro and outro Music ( for Podcasts).

Additional Kwork orders for inserting sound effects.

Music and sound effect additions are guaranteed royalty-free. ( documentation available)

Needed for order:

Client needs to supply the Audio File(s) in MP3 or WAV format.

Please provide instructions as to what enhancements are required:

o - Reduce background

o - Improve volume

o - balance volume if two or more different files or two or more vocal parts

o - final length of audio file

NB - Please note that it is sometimes only possible to improve bad audio and not totally eradicate bad recoding noise and interference like wind and room noise.

Deliverables are (Untagged, no Meta data) MP3's and/ or WAV's.

Please - I dont work with Erotic material or material that has bad language.

The volume of 1 Kwork: 30 seconds

Order details and extras

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