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Elevator pitch in English, German, or Russian

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Elevator pitch in English, German, or Russian 1 - kwork.com

About this kwork

An elevator pitch is a concise, to-the-point description of your service (or product) that allows you to explain it to any potential partner, customer, or investor. Book it now—and master all those situations when people need to understand what you do but have little time.

The capability to express briefly and to the point what it is that you're doing in this world is pivotal.

You need an elevator pitch if you're an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a creative, and:
  1. ... the most benevolent questions about your business or line of work make you tongue-tied (or, alternatively: if your answer to such questions is so lengthy and confusing, your vis-a-vis wishes they didn't ask);
  2. ... you're the one to get things done — but words are not your forte;
  3. ... your work or business is so brilliant and versatile and amazing you "just can't tell it all in one phrase! "

Choose one language: English, German, Russian. (You can add language versions using the options section. )

Industries/ cases I cover business, start-up, IT, apps/ gadgets, crowdfunding, cosmetics, fashion, hospitality, jewelry, gourmet foods, Earth-friendly products/ services, products & services for vegans and food intolerance patients.

Needed for order:

Please provide a detailed briefing including answers to the following questions:

- Who is the target audience of this pitch?

- Choose the language(s)

- Provide a digital copy of one piece of writing about your service or products that captures the essence of your service(s) or product(s) perfectly

Kind: Sales copy
Topics: Internet & Technologies, Other
The volume of 1 Kwork: 45 words

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