I will write a commercial offer in Russian

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I will write a commercial offer in Russian 1 - kwork.com

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Good afternoon.

A careful reading of one page of the text takes a person 2-3 minutes.

Commercial offers "scan" in a few seconds. And if in these seconds we could not "catch" the reader — "write is gone".

I'm sure you understand — it's not enough just to throw off the price in the mail, that would convince a potential customer to work with you. The proposal must be properly submitted and issued.

To do this, you need to understand the specific purpose of your offer. Ideally, the company should have several "blanks" for different purposes.

Before I start writing, I think over the structure of the future sentence in my head, then draw the main outline. Next, we agree on the basis and I bring the document in line with spelling.

The result of my work for You will be:

— "blank" quotation/outgoing letters with the correct structure that meets the particular task.

— the "blank" will comply with the rules of spelling (grammar, writing style, formatting).

If you need a working quotation — please let me know, I will definitely find the original version for your task.

Нужно для заказа:

1. It is desirable to prepare in advance:

— elements of corporate identity.

— requisites.

— description of your offer or services in any form.

2. Select the desired option and click "order".

3. I send you a short questionnaire, you enter information and together with materials from p. 1 send me.

4. I make a template and send you in MS Word format, as well as recommendations for further work with the template.

Фриланс услуга включает:
 Competitors Research
 Product/Service Analysis
 Language: Russian
Срок выполнения: 2 дней
Kind: Business proposals
Topics: Other
Объем услуги в кворке: 2 500 words

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 Competitors Research
 Product/Service Analysis
 Language: Russian
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