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Business card design

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I\'m glad to welcome you to my kwork.

My name is Eugene and for more than ten years I have been engaged in printing and outdoor advertising.

A business card is an excellent tool that allows not only to exchange contact information with the right people and establish new connections but also to enlist the support of investors.

I will be glad to make for you a beautiful and memorable business card. This kwork includes:
  1. Two fundamentally different versions of the business card layout
  2. Two edits (without radical changes) to one of the variants
  3. File to print the selected option in. tif (CMYK, 300dpi)

Sources and other usefulness in options.

I work from Monday to Friday.

Нужно для заказа:
You will need:
  1. Business card format (9x5cm, 8,5x5,5cm or non-standard)
  2. Wishes on design in free form
  3. Information to be placed on the product, in electronic form (. txt, . docx, google docs, etc. )
If available (optional):
  1. Logo and corporate identity in the formats cdr, ai, pdf, psd (if the logo is there, but it\'s in a low quality - use the vectorize option)
  2. Materials you need to use
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