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I will do hindi or english voice over in flawless native diction

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Kwork Overview

Looking for a voice over in a confident, pleasant voice with authentic and flawless Hindi or Indian English? You are looking at the right profile :)

I am an experienced voice over artist who has worked for reputed agencies such as GMV, Voice Hansa and ALTA Language Services. My voice has been described as gentle, deep, thoughtful, hip, radio-like, authoritative, pleasant, educational and flexible. I can be serious or comical, gentle or authoritative as the situation demands.

I can provide voice-over for: Broadcast TV & Radio, Whiteboard Explainer Videos, YouTube, Commercials, Tutorials, IVR, Corporate Training, Audio-books, Timed Video Dubbing, etc! I record at my home-studio.

You may order Kwork extras for getting the audio file delivered in HQ 44/16, Mono, Wav file, or Split files.

Want to get the Hindi script proof-read or an English script translated to Hindi? No problem, just add the Kwork extra.

Got other questions? Please take a look at the FAQs, or feel free to drop me a message.

What are you waiting for? Please go ahead, order your kwork. Thanks for your patronage.

To get started, the seller needs:
  1. Details of the context where the sound will be used and what kind of voice you expect
  2. Script in Hindi (order Kwork extras if you want Hindi script to be proof-read or English script to be translated to Hindi)
  3. Do you need time sync?
  4. Do you need any specific file format, bit-rate etc.
Recording for: Clips & Commercials, Audiobooks
Voice: Male
Age Range: Adult, Senior
Voice Over Language: English, Hindi
Scope of this kwork: 150 seconds

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We promise an excellent order experience or your money back.

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