Writing Articles about DIY Tips on Gardening Care

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Writing Articles about DIY Tips on Gardening Care 1 - kwork.com

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With a Love for Agriculture, Agribusiness, Organic Gardening, Seeds & Fertilizers & background in Agriculture education up to Post Grade level combined with my experience for working in these Industries for 25 years make my articles & blogs quality written for my clients especially on their website is the SEO friendly words.

My passion for working in Agriculture Farming & Allied Industries gave me an opportunity to write on wide & diversified range of topics, which allows me to discriminate as Technical Writer, Web content creator, A Freelance writer & Research Writer being the part of these Research Methodologies & Field Practices at the different level.

I have acclimatized myself into a Professional Agriculture Writer with multiple interrelated passions bridging together at one place to exhibit me in the all field of Agriculture Research, Agribusiness, Agronomy, Plant Protection, Pest Control, Organic Farming, Biological Pest Control, Home Gardening & Grass Turf Management as Freelance Consultant & Writer for my Clients.

Нужно для заказа:

Details of the project in word format with the Screen shots of the relevant site if it’s a web related assignment. Define your goals very clearly & precisely to deliver you as per your demands.

We have the capability to identify Garden Pest; Diseases & Problems occurring on you Plants, Turf Grasses or other Greens around through images to give you a complete solution to target these issues both Organically & Chemically. Choice is yours !

DIY Tips to grow different Vegetables, Fruits, Orchard or Herbs are also given in simple to understand format for beginners.

Feel free to connect for your project right now.

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 Language: English
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Themes: Education & Science, Other
Type: How-to/Instructional, Description
Style: Conversational, Professional/formal
Объем услуги в кворке: 250 words

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