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I can create cartoon movie and 2d character animation video

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In the distant past, people could not freely express their thoughts. That is why they tried to recreate their stories with the help of cave painting. When a person wanted to convey movement, he simply drew several legs. Oddly enough, everyone else understood everything. They knew that their friend was fighting a mammoth or that he was eaten by a saber-toothed tiger. Such art, in my opinion, can be considered animation.

Many millions of years have passed, and a person still likes to watch moving pictures and everything is intuitive to him.

I will be happy to help tell your story in a short animated cartoon with the author's characters and surroundings. In my works I pay much attention to illustrations. I try to keep the simplicity of forms and aesthetics.

I approach the work as follows:

- Script approval

- Collection of references

- I create the concept of characters

- Storyboard of the future cartoon

- Background Design

- Animation

- Post Production and Sound Design

Please note that I can lip-sync the characters and pre-prepared voice, but I do not record voice-overs.

If you have any questions, write me in private messages!

Thank you!

To get started, the seller needs:

Tell me a little about your idea! It will be better if I discuss everything with you before the start of the project :) Please share all the materials you have.

I have attached a document where you can see each step that I use in my work

Service includes:
 Character Design
 # of Characters: 1
Delivery: 7 days
Uniqueness: Original
Scope of this kwork: 10 seconds

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$260Order Details
7-day delivery
Unlimited Revisions
 Character Design
 # of Characters: 1
Number of seconds  
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