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About this kwork

Hi :)

Do you have an idea or maybe there is a full-fledged plot from the category of minecraft animations? But you don't have the time, the skills, or the desire to put it into practice?

We can help you with that!

You can choose your own sounds, voice acting, textures, OR you can entrust it to us! We will choose all this to our taste.

In addition, we can create a map/location based on your request for animation, if you do not have it.

You will see all our services in detail in the options.


We immediately do both animation and editing. You will see the finished work and be able to suggest your own amendments.

What the seller needs to get started:

Write a short description of your video. Also leave a link to download the archive with all files.

The archive must contain:

- script

- skins/character textures

- map (not lower than 1.16)

- music

- sounds

- voice acting (if available)

- any additional files that you want in the animation

All files (including the script) must be in one archive, which you can upload to Google Drive or any other file storage service.

The archive can be in any popular format - rar, zip, etc.

Service includes:
 Full HD (1080p)
Delivery: 10 days
Uniqueness: Original
Scope of 1 kwork: 10 seconds

Order details and extras

  • +$6
  • +$6

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10 days delivery
 Full HD (1080p)
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Refunds will be processed:

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