4000 Premium plays - Spotify. Guarantee + bonus

About this kwork

You will get 4000 Premium plays of your track on Spotify.

Listening comes only from people who bought a Premium subscription - version without limits.

Spotify Premium provides excellent sound quality, ability to listen music without an Internet connection, and other features.

Plays per day from 100 to 1000!

Lifetime guarantee! Royalties Eligible!

Premium plays from countries USA, Canada, Australia, UK, NZ, EU, and etc.

All process, including additional services, is performed by real people. NO BOTS!

Spotify has increased its control over accounts activity. Spending money on fast streams or subscribers can only make things worse. Quality always comes first, so I stick to slow natural statistics. Don't trust performers who promise you thousands of results a day. Choose the right one!

As a bonus, you will get 100- 2000 premium plays or 50 - 500 followers.

If in this kwork or add. options do not have the required quantity, write to me and i will make an individual kwork.

You will find other Spotify related kworks in my profile.

In add. options, you can order playlist plays, followers, If there are drop, then no more than 5-7% of them, i will refill at your request.

What the seller needs to get started:

Send me a link to your track on Spotify.

If you order subscribers - send a link to artist where they will have to come.

Until i'll complete an order, do not order such a service or views from anyone or anywhere else to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Music Platform: Spotify
Kind: Promotion
Scope of 1 kwork: 4000

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