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I will write SEO product description for shopify

I will write SEO product description for shopify  1 -
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I will write SEO product description for shopify  2 -

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Kwork Overview

HI there, i am Johnny and i had created this gig to give to you one of the best product description that will boost your business.

I am an ecommerce website developer, product importer, marketer and more, but on this gig; i will be helping you out with your product description to give it a topnotch write-up and outstanding eye-catchy keywords.

After setting up your online website, the next inline is to have a very good product description for all of your products.

Almost 80% of online shopify tends to purchase a product is they understand how the product works or a conviction from the product description could trigger them to click the order button.

If your products have the right descriptions, they will sell more cus consumers just need a reason to buy and that is all. So with my perfect writing skills, i will give the best of my service.

MY service WILL provide:

  1. SEO content
  2. Targeting hashtags
  3. Upto 1000 words
  4. Captivating Words and more. .

Kindly place your order right away or send me a private message so we can discuss further on your project.

Best regards,


To get started, the seller needs:

Congratulations you made it here!

Kindly provide the following requirements so i can get started with your project immediately:

- Your online store details or send me an invite

- Number of products

- Product niche

- Any reference?

That will be all for now, if there will be any other info needed, i will come right in your inbox to ask.

Thanks once again for your order,


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